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Amadeo Carrizo: farewell to the greatest

Amadeo Carrizo died. The greatest goalkeeper in football history. A big one on and off the court. A teacher for future generations.

Antonio Carrizo

The River world is moved by the painful news of the death of Amadeo Carrizo. The greatest archer in Argentine history. And if you hurry me, the world. See if it has been unique, that Archer's Day is celebrated commemorating his birthday. June 12. Yes, there's an archer's day.

He had arrived from his native Rufino, where he asked to be veiled. He started at BAP de Rufino and made his debut at Riveron 6 May 1945. In that year, the local champion and the Aldao International Cup (the Libertadores was not played, yet). He joined the most mythical team in the history of football :"The Machine”. And he repeated laurels in '47 (also local and Aldao), '52 (local and Copa Ibarguren), '53, '55, '56 and '57 (tricampeonate). And if he had won in '54, he would have been a heptacampawn (an achievement that only Racing has and to which they owe his nickname as “ The Academy”).

An advance

“ Amadeo Carrizo was an advance for his time.” You're gonna hear it every time you talk about it. But what does it mean he was an advance? They mean several things. First of all, he knew how to kick, “play with his feet”. At that time, archers would cut down the bow. They didn't go out. Much less, they played with their feet. Well, the great Amadeo came to play as a striker! It was in a game against Chacarita. When no changes could be made, except for the archer. A River striker must have left, the substitute goalkeeper entered instead of Amadeo and the crack went ahead. It is obvious that he was leaving the area playing with his feet and was an alternative pass for his classmates. That wasn't seen in football until recently.

Another great virtue was that he didn't fly. He didn't jump to catch the ball. It was always located where the ball was going. Always “well located”. Like I guess. But I didn't guess anything. I knew. He had a vision of the game that was superior. Very few players had it. It is a quality that goes beyond the trade.

And he rarely pulled out the ball with his fists. For our readers: When the ball comes through the air to the area and there are many players, the archers usually punch it with a fist to take it away and safely. Not Amadeo. Amadeo grabbed her with one hand and “lowered” her to her chest. Everything in Amadeo's bow was revolutionary . He was even one of the first to wear gloves.

The great Amadeo


all used to call him Amadeo. Because he was so humble, wherever he went, he was one more. A gentleman with all the letters. A polite, cordial, sympathetic guy. “ The monumental” was his second home. I enjoyed it there. Of course: he was one of the most beloved in history “millionaire”. But he never “bought it.” He always had a lip smile. A thank you to the warm words of any fan. And to think that he gave us a lot more than we gave him back.

He was a dandy. Elegant on the court and out. She even enjoyed being a model back in the '70s. Tall, good hanger, painted and smiling.

We're gone Amadeo

Publication Date: 22/03/2020

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