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A storm pilot

In the midst of the pandemic, race driver Carlos Okulovich showed solidarity with those who are having the worst in the world of motorsport.

Due to the quarantine, the ACTC (Association of Road Tourism Racers) has been carrying out the virtual race schedule. On each date, every Argentine rider sits on a simulator, ready to fire the console controls.

 Motorsport, unlike other sports, was one of the fastest reacted to mandatory isolation . This is because many riders already used the simulators as part of their usual training.

The brand new Copa #TCenCasa is broadcast on Public TV nationwide and on Action's YouTube and Facebook Live channel. Thus, millions of road tourism fans can continue to enjoy the unparalleled adrenaline that only a few powered engines can deliver. In addition, the money raised by the sponsors is intended for the purchase of supplies and safety equipment for Argentine doctors and nurses.

However, not everything is pink.  There is a sector within road tourism that is having serious economic difficulties due to the pandemic. They are the merchandising vendors of the racetrack . Weekend after weekend, they are losing the chance to sell for the “physical” stop of the races.

 Storm Pilot 

With his car on any track. This is the Obereno Carlos Okulovich, who is working to build a virtual trade to help merchandising sellers of the racetrack.

 “ I know all the boys who work at the racetrack, I have stories and anecdotes since I was a kid . They are a group that works and mobilizes always and we with our motorhomes and we are going in race to race. Many times we bring the goods to them, sometimes we bring them to their homes. We have a relationship of colleagues because we all work in motorsport,” said the missionary corridor.

 The Obereno pilot is working with a group of e-commerce specialists so that the autodrome sellers can sell their products . “The idea is to give them a tool to pass these months, they won't sell like the racetrack, but it's something,” Okulovich said.

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