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A scholarship to play tennis in the United States. UU

Anita Álvarez Storni has divided her life between studio and sport. Now, he got a scholarship to play tennis and study in America. UU Everything's still the same.

 Anita is 18 years old, plays tennis at a high level and finished high school last year. The young woman of San Martín, an apartment located 40 kilometers from the city of Mendoza , has her immediate future very clear. He will continue to study and play  tennis , but in America.It's just that Anita got a scholarship to go on her life in that country.

 “ On August 14, I fly from   Ezeiza  ,”  says Anita, who claims that she had no problems obtaining the passage, in the context of the pandemic. “It's not really all that closed. Anyone who wants to buy a ticket can. Nobody asks you why or anything. I did it because I had this special need.  The flight has as its sole destination   Miami  .I had to find a connection to Maryland from there. ” 

Obviously, that city as a destination is no coincidence. There's the university where he's going to study. “ I'm going to Mount Saint Mary's University, Maryland, an hour from Washington .” And he gets there for  a scholarship, which “came out because my coach, Javier Viccia, has a player-recruitment company through which they assure you of an American university. The universities that are interested in you apply and you choose. Within the options I had, I chose this one because it gives me 95% of the scholarship.” 

 Tennis, his life 

“ I've been practicing tennis since I was 10 years old. I started at El Trébol Tenis Club .” However, before she went through several sports: “Since a girl I always liked sports. I did a lot of time swimming, field hockey and basketball. But it came to a point where I couldn't go everywhere anymore. I also studied English, and I got my schedules together. In principle I stayed with hockey and tennis. But later, Professor Javier Viccia told me that he believed I had to train longer.  That's where I left   hockey  and English and went to tennis  .”

And the problem came to many young people who play some high performance sport: school or sport: “  I even had to continue school at a distance, because I had to travel a lot to compete. I traveled two or three times a month all over the country.  It was a long time training and playing, I couldn't attend school.” In good time, because thanks to his perseverance he got such a special scholarship.

 Professional tennis player 

Anita admits that being a professional in the tennis world is a very complicated thing. However, if you come on a rebound, welcome be: “ Now I am leaving with the aim of studying outside, playing tennis. If you have the opportunity to be professional, welcome be. But right now I want to use tennis as the key to opening the doors outside . The aspiration to be a professional was a bit behind when I saw that many things are needed, especially the economic side.”

In addition, the young tennis player has been preparing regarding the language, to understand, at least, the concepts of the new career that will begin: “ I will study business, oriented in finance. With English I don't handle 100%, but I had to take two exams and passed them.I know it's not the same taking exams as going and talking to natives .  But it's a matter of adjusting and opening your ear well. But yes, the first few months are going to be difficult.” And thanks to his preparation in English, he got such an important scholarship.

Finally, Anita comments that loneliness is not something that worries her. What's more, she's used to it: “I've been alone for three months in the United States, when I was training. But it's not the same as leaving as long as I am now. But, well,  I'm going to be with a Puerto Rican girl I know, plays on the team with me, and she's going to study the same thing I do . That's why I don't feel so lonely.”

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