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A musician who doesn't know Lennon

Nothing great can be achieved if we do not study in depth the teachers who preceded us.

The other day I found out something that was bouncing off my head and I didn't know why, and now, one weekday at 11:30pm, I can finally find an answer. The story is this: the tactical analyst of Dorados de Sinaloa, the Mexican second division football team led by Diego (and I refrain from writing the name, because Diego is just him, even to the point of adding the article "the" Diego seems to me too much) took several videos of the genius' games to show the players. But those matches had a particularity: he chose those that had been played in the worst fields of play, in the worst conditions: mud, water, wells, indistinguishable lines of lime, and so on. The spirit of the election was to put an end to the squad's complaint that they don't have what they see on TV that Real Madrid or Bayern Munich have and show them that magic is generous and is present in all sorts of fields. But what happened left him stunned, and a little to me as well. What surprised the tactical analyst is that first he noticed a face of seriousness and concentration in his team and then, little by little, he turned to surprise and admiration. At that moment, in a rapture of lucidity, the analyst paused in the video, turned on the light and asked loudly: "You all know who Maradona is, don't you? The answer, in unison, was yes. Suspecting a little, the analyst asked: Which teams did you see him play in? And there was no unison but a kind of murmur. The analyst finally realised that many of the first-team players from Dorados Sinaloa had heard of Maradona but hadn't seen him play. They didn't know his epic, his dedication, his art. They had seen the goal against the English, the goal with the hand and the occasional free kick. But yes, they were professional footballers who didn't know Diego in action. How can that be possible? Can you imagine a painter who doesn't know Rembrandt? A musician who ignores the existence of Lennon? A writer who hasn't read a Borges line? Nothing great can be achieved if we don't study in depth the masters who preceded us. This generation of Mexican players seems to disagree.

Publication Date: 10/11/2018

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