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A marathon dyed with success

While he entered sixth to just 6 seconds from the winner, Joaquín Arbe can say that this marathon was very successful. He put it in Tokyo 2020!

The podium of the 42-km marathon in  Buenos Aires  consisted of 3 kenyatas. But the  competition  left excellent results for  athletics   national .

Joaquín Arbe, from the province of  Chubut , 29 years old, accomplished several things.

First, and most important, he qualified for the Tokyo 2020  Olympic Games  . The ultimate event of the sport. The skeleton finished sixth, with a time of 2:11:04. With which the limit of the International Federation of Athletics (IAAF) dropped in 26 seconds. Then he broke his own  record . In addition, it became the second best brand in Argentine athletics, precisely with that time. Behind Antonio Silio, who in 95 had timed 2:09:57 in Hamburg. And he joined the  South American podium. Entering second, after Paraguayan Derlis Ayala. That ended 1 second before. And 1 second ahead of Eulalio Muñoz, another native of Chubut.

The keyata that won the marathon of the national capital city, did it setting a new record for the circuit. 2:05:02. Only 18 hundredths less than the other Kenyata who held the previous record. It was the ninth victory of a citizen of that country in our marathon. The third one on line.

As for the local ladies, the best brand was Daiana Ocampo. With 2:39, they didn't reach him to get to the Games. Since the mark was 2:25.

The important thing is that Joaquin is going to Tokyo! Congratulations!

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