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A Japanese tale in Cordoba

We tell you the story of Yunte Pío, the Japanese who fell at Sportivo Belgrano in San Francisco, Córdoba, and broke the courts.


Yunte Pío is a native of Yokohama (Japan) and decided that Argentina would be a good place to develop as football player. It was thanks to a representative who saw him play and showed him that his talent could go very far. I could even take him on other continents. This Japanese visionary who discovered Yunte Pío moved all contacts to get the footballer to Argentina. Of course, the Asian was delighted with the idea of practicing as a professionalfootballer. And, above all, in some of the Argentine leagues, which have so much fame around the world .

So it was that in 2001 he arrived in our country, with the focus on developing a career as a professional player. The Asian was more than welcome from the beginning. He played in two Cordoba clubs, and he broke it. His first club was Las Palmas, where he was directed by Jorge Guyón. In this club he took his first steps as a foreign player. After making his plays on the courts with the Las Palmas shirt , he went through Racing . For two years he played with the blue and white Cordoba in the local league. Until he was free . This caused his course to change and the player was looking for another club to host him.

From Japan to San Francisco: Non-stop

In 2004, with games well played on top, the Japanese put on the jacket of Sportivo Belgrano in San Francisco.In this new club, his DT was Daniel Primo . With Sportivo he started a new stage of his career. And, also, a new period of adaptation. Yunte Pío already mastered Spanish well for his arrival in the city of San Francisco. And he tells me that the first impression the city gave him was good. With the “green”, unfortunately, he could not dispute the national tournaments due to problems with his visa. However, he was a star in the Regional League.In addition, he took to the other side of the puddle thousands of memories and friendships .

Due to bureaucratic problems that did not allow him to play federal tournaments, and after having lived 5 years in Argentina, the Japanese decided to return to his place of origin. He spent some time in Japan and emigrated to Indonesia . He resided there for 5 more years. He then played in Thailand, with a local team, and at the age of 29 he retired with his forehead high. He currently resides in Saitama and is not a football player. However, it expresses great interest in starting work in some sector related to this discipline. In addition, he would like to return to Argentina, the country that gave him the opportunity to shine his ankle boots on the courts.

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Publication Date: 15/06/2020

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