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A genius of basketball and life

Manu Ginóbili is an example of overcoming. And, whenever he can, he shares his experience. Recently, in a virtual conference.


The true greats of the sport stand out both on and off the court. Manu Ginóbili is not only a legend of Argentine basketball ; he is also an example of self-improvement and commitment. And we're lucky that you share your experiences. Recently, he held a conference, within the framework of Experience Virtual Endeavor, where he reflected on sport and everything that is at his around.

When it comes to reaching a goal, there are always difficulties, the important thing is to know how to overcome them. Figures like Manu Ginóbili have also encountered obstacles in their way. It's never easy to get to the top. For him, the key was to acquire the ability to adapt to the changes that his career was demanding.

In the virtual conference given by the former basketball player — who was recently ranked among the top 60 in NBAhistory , in a ranking prepared by specialized journalists —, Manu reflected on his sporting experience and the changes that took place in the NBA.

Words of Manu

“ When I was a kid, I felt like I had a mental lock with the subject of achievements and all that. I had dozens of punches, maybe hundreds. How did he deal with that? Like every boy. When I got out of a provincial team, my only recourse was to close the strong door, put myself under the desk and cry. Then you grow up, learn from frustrations and have more tools. Until you reach 35 and instead of crying, you stick some pineapples to your pillow, but then you think why it happened and what to do so that, if it happens again, you don't feel that way.”

Manu also told about the tools that helped him in complicated situations: “How do you overcome frustrations if you do not speak to yourself as you Would you talk to a friend? It's a very easy and simple concept that I put into practice and helped me a lot.”

Listening to Manu Ginóbili is always a pleasure. In addition to his exciting sports experience, his tips can be extrapolated to any other area of life. From humility, always open to learning, Manu was able to adapt to changes and overcome frustrations. And that's something we all go through at some point in our lives. Thank you very much, genius.

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Publication Date: 25/05/2020

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