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A classic northerner who does not understand categories

Atletico Tucumán and San Martín, the northern classic par excellence, finds teams in different categories, but with the same rivalry as usual.


Football in  Tucumán  is lived with a lot of passion, and an event that exacerbates that passion is the northern classic,   Atletico      against   San Martin   . Historic teams, with glorious participations of both in first division and epic Atletico participations in international tournaments.

Talking about the classic Tucumano is no small thing, it is undoubtedly the most important northern  classic  . To affirm this is only enough to see people filling the courts of one or another team, regardless of the opponent in turn. But always attentive to what can happen to the classic, here do not matter the dates.

Today San Martin plays in the  First National  and Atletico in the  Superliga  . Last year they shared a season in the Superliga for the first time. The only northern classic played in this division was taken by the Saint. Santos fans continue to flatten that triumph, while the Dean fans do the same with their copas battles.

The only thing that matters in Tucumán when it comes to talking about football is the colors. Although they are in different divisions, the northern classic is played by people constantly. If a team loses, Whatsapp groups and forums are flooded with images uploading the opponent.

On the courts there is no match in which from its grandstands there is no song dedicated to the classic. Even t-shirts are grounds for discussion. The numbers about who commands in the  records  are not clear, it depends on what data is taken as official. Passion and dependence on each other is such that a triumph of its own, perhaps, is overshadered by the defeat of the classic.

 Symbiosis football 

The northern  clas  i  co co norteño is played all the time, without being face to face on a court.  And it is one of the most powerful andulturalelements of the Tucumanos.  San Martín is great because its classic is Atletico, and vice versa. Just stepping on the Citadel (San Martín) or the vicinity of Monumental (Atletico), the classic is always felt. A unique experience that you can only live on the court of some of these big ones from northern Argentina.

 Passions that paint the city 

Every weekend the province is divided by colors. It does not matter if the match is home or away. There are bars and meeting points that dress in celestial and white, or red and white. Colors that become more intense as you approach the Citadel or the Monumental.

Atletico Tucumán and San Martín, the northern classic par excellence,

Publication Date: 22/11/2019

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