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7 things that make Kempes the perfect stadium

We tell you what are the characteristics that make Mario Alberto Kempes de Córdoba the perfect stadium for any end.


One of the last key decisions of  Conmebol was the election of Kempes to  host the final of the Copa Sudamericana . The stadium is easily accessible, as it has entrance from the ring road, following many works built around it. That's why the Cordobese can reach from anywhere in the city in  a touch . This makes it hopelessly the most comfortable stadium for people who will come from afar to see the final of the South American. We tell you why else this stadium is perfect for events like this. And, too, a little bit of his story.

1.  The court 

While it is not one of the best playing fields in the world, it meets the necessary requirements. The lawn of the Kempes had long stages of care and  maintenance processes  that today make it a favorable place for  professional matches .

2.  Training Courts 

Córdoba has different courts and stadiums that can be used for the training of equipment. Clubs such as Belgrano or Instituto lend their courts, in addition to the Kempes stadium itself has an  auxiliary court .

3.  Security Protocols 

In this stadium there were already games without puffy. And also  several incidents  that fortunately had effective security operations.

4.  Capacity 

The Kempes is the largest stadium in the country, after the Monumental.  57 thousand people can be located in its grandstands. What makes each event a crowd party. Most of the stands are roofed, which means that if the weather is not favorable, the swollen can enjoy the same.

In addition, with a south beach and a north beach parking, it can accommodate  2500 cars . And, with the recent buildings and public works, cars can also be accommodated in different sectors around the stadium

5.  Changing rooms 

The latest modifications that were made at the stadium made available the best changing rooms for players, coaching staff and referees. Each dressing room features individual wardrobes, showers, strategic lighting and more.

6.  Journalists also 

In addition to having a special swollen sector for journalists and press professionals, they have internet.  More than 900 journalists  can stay on the roofed platform in the press sector. And, in addition, a special area was built for press conferences.

7.  One more stripe to the tiger 

The Copa Sudamericana final will not be the only important event hosted at this stadium. The World Cup of 78, different Argentine cups, Copa Superliga, qualifiers of the National Team, official training, also took place there. Also  matches  and trainings of national teams from different sports, such as the Lionas or the Pumas.

That's why this 2020, we hosted the Copa Sudamericana at Kempes. What other stadium could do it?

Publication Date: 03/01/2020

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