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100 years of history to face or mint

Theme of the week: the superfinal.

Chatting with friends from Boca and friends from River (I think I detected that I have more friends from Boca, fact that I ignored until a few days ago) I was trying to put together a concept map of what exactly is at stake this Saturday. And the truth, it's a lot. I mean, we already knew it was a lot. But it's more than he thought. The Boca people say that the fact that River went to B already makes a conceptual difference between the two teams. On top, to reinforce this theory, the day Independiente descended left Boca as the only Argentine football team that never went through that situation. Then we can discuss the law of average, if they ever gave him some help to stay in first, etc. But the statistics is clear: they are the only ones from River accept the descent as a conceptual break but they restructure with an interesting argument: if they won the final of a Libertadores to Boca would be more important because they just won it from them. Boca did not have to do directly with the descent of River, they did not lose it hand in hand. On the other hand, Boca has three more Libertadores. I mean, winning River would be six to 4 in favor of Boca. Boca, too, even if he loses on Saturday he has more matches won in history against River. These arguments seem to me to be attendible, but it is the same xeneizes that restructure me: low, without anyone listening to them much, they say it doesn't matter. That having 10 more matches is nothing next to losing a final of the most important club tournament on the continent. That having 2 more drinks (in the case of losing) is a mere number next to the emotional defeat that would mean that River will turn them around in the face.It is at stake no more nor less than the whole story of the two most important teams in our country. Whatever happens, nothing is going to be the same Saturday afternoon at 7 o'clock. If Boca wins, fatherhood is going to transform into something definitive, almost impossible to reverse. If River wins, the stigma of the decline will remain, but fatherhood itself will change sides. I think there was never so much at stake in such a short time. 90 minutes that will resignify 100 years of history. Aren't you excited to be living this? Yes to me. And a lot.

Publication Date: 22/11/2018

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 22 November, 2018

Muuuuuy bueeeena la nota Nacho! coincido casi en todo y "el casi" me lo guardo, ya que no tiene sentido discutirlo... al fin y al cabo, es nada más y nada menos que fútbol... a disfrutar!! Felicitaciones

By: Hipolito Azema 23 November, 2018

¡Gracias aMas! Una duda, nomás: ¿quién es Nacho?

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