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What saves us: what does the merger quartet live

We tell you all the details about a documentary series that toures the country: Salva, the audiovisual record that shows iconic moments of a unique Cordovan band of its kind.

In 1997, meetings between a group of friends began, from which a very special band would emerge. The Caligaris would become an  icon of the Cordobesity.  Together, they were encouraged to experiment with sounds and instruments. The result: unique musical combinations. This band, today, is  one of the most popular . They are known throughout the country, and they are the Argentinean festival, and there is no shortage in any Carioca carnival. His compositions are hybrids  that mix all rhythms.  Always with the intention of making us move to the muscles we don't have.

This band knows how to perfectly combine  circus, humor and music . His shows are unique and his musical productions as well. The Cali, when they perform a show, appear in disguise, make-up, putting all the waves on it. They stir thoroughly with their fusion music that goes  from national rock to the Cordovan quartet  . Kids, big ones, quarteteters and rockers come together in this passion. No one like them to make us  laugh and dance at the same time.   This Cordovan band is the  provincial   pride  . With a remarkable trajectory, they continue to be encouraged, and  they already have 10 albums and an EP edited.   They were nominated three times for the  Carlos Gardel Awards in Argentina.  Do you want more?  The Konex Foundation chose them among the top 100 artists of the decade.  

 New proposals 

For all these reasons, and in honor of their loyal audience, they decided to launch  an audiovisual production  in which they tell how was  the process of the album released in 2019,  which bears the same name:  Salva . In a particular context, the documentary proposal is a saving option. Since it can be enjoyed  from the comfort of our homes,  and it has the magic that Los Cali put to everything. This band decides to give a twist to the current situation in the music field.  In the context of a pandemic and quarantine,  they allies with the audiovisual sector and launch a miniseries to the world that tells the behind the scenes of the latest album.  

With a trajectory of 23 years, between tours, releases and shows, they never saw themselves in a situation like this. Unable to reach their audience and  without much contact with the outside.  But the  ingenuity and the desire  to follow are stronger. The music sector, in the midst of this global context, is  one of the most affected economically.   However, Los Caligaris, with their fame and knowledge, knew how to make this adverse situation an opportunity.  

 This is how “Salva” is born,  a documentary that portrays the production process of the last album released by the band.  It has 13 chapters,  such as the musical proposal. And each of the chapters is named after one of the songs. It is estimated that there could also be a chapter number 14, in which it will be given a closure with overlooked details.  The miniseries is directed by Gustavo “Chelfo” Gomez and edited by Analía Kaufmann.  The chapters are being released every Sunday, from July 26 until they complete their entirety. Each episode has approximately 10 minutes, which count the talks, decisions and adjustments that were made to each topic. The first chapter is now available on Youtube and is named after the first song on the album:  “La Abundancia”.  


The band was founded 23 years ago by brothers Martín and Diego Pampiglione. The name chosen dates back to a circus legend born in the “Circus de los Hermanos Muñoz”. It was said that the famous clown “Caligari”  died in the middle of the scene.   As he developed his routine, between the turns and flips, the clown passed away. And he concealed the agony as if it were part of his act. Hence, “The Caligaris” choose the name and  become the flag of    all Cordovan    .  


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