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War and family, two writers/directors and two good dramas that left us 2017.

Two good war and family movies that left us in 2017.

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The world of cinema, at least as it does to creativity, is in crisis; that is why these days we celebrate double when we find good movies to recommend. In this case it is what is often called “author cinema  ” (directors with a marked way of making films). I wouldn't say these movies are the top 2 of the year, but I wouldn't miss them. In the rooms they will no longer be able to see them, but they can enjoy them at home.

 Dunkirk  , directed by Christopher Nolan 

Memento, The Origin, Interstellar, Batman Trilogy with Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as Joker, The Great Trilogy. Some of the many works by Nolan, a filmmaker in the constant search for perfection by telling stories. Your films may or may not like it, but their creative intent is usually very clear. This director who usually makes films on existential topics likes to explore concepts such as time, identity or memory. His creative label is also placed in the way of telling those themes as he chooses unconventional forms or stories that do not follow the traditional linearity of history.

In  Dunkirk , Nolan takes an outgoing event at the dawn of  World War II : the withdrawal of British troops from Dunkerque Beach. Around this fact he arms a great story where different stories are added and crossed. Nolan himself wrote the script as a conceptual exercise taking three starting points: Earth, air and sea. With very little dialogue he decided to rely on the details to create the atmosphere of war. Soldiers and civilians, young panic prisoners and adults trying to ensure that panic does not bring more losses, drama at the service of a great narrative, with several stories that masterfully intersect. The visual effects stand out, although special effects were used to recreate war scenes, the director chose to use more than 6000 extras and not fill the spaces with computer-generated images. As usual in his tapes he features two of his fetish actors: Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. In secondary roles but not least important. A curious fact is the inclusion of Harry Styles in the cast, not only because he was his film debut but because Nolan stated that he didn't really know him when he signed him and was not aware of the fame that ex-singer One Direction had. There are many very good war films, this could be added to the group of the best.

 The Meyerowitz, directed by Noah Baumbach 

One of those many dysfunctional family stories, with a mix of drama,  comedy  touches and characters with more conflict than joys.

Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, bring that family to life and seem tailored to Baumbach's story, with great Hollywood experience in drama comedies. Parents, children and grandchildren in constant crisis, with New York and the art world as the perfect setting for that somewhat sickly society. In this cast of stars, Adam Sandler stands out, who (against all prejudices and pigeonings) offers us a performance that shows that he is much more than the empty and funny characters he plays in his own productions.

The interesting thing about this type of film is how far the dialogues are rigorously written and how far they work as reference and triggers of situations. These are remarkably real.

The premiere was well received by critics but aroused controversy over the format in which it was presented. A curious case for the world of cinema, but a reflection of the current time,  Los Meyerowitz  participated in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival. Later its premiere was not in cinemas, but  on Netflix . There you can find her.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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