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Argentine cinema and football.

Let's go over some of our history with some of the most iconic titles.

Argentinian cinema has been and is a football player. How could he not be with the most popular of our sports? And yes, whether it's part of our most everyday culture or because it moves crowds (something that cinema tirelessly pursues), football is always present, sometimes even when we choose to see something else. But the idea is not to talk about football (although in this note it would be impossible) but to tell them how our cinema has treated the sport that managed to immortalize Diego and is already doing it with Messi. Both obviously already have their own feature films, but let's go over some of our history with some of the most emblematic titles. “Rag Ball” from 1948, directed by Leopoldo Torres Ríos (Torre Nilson's father, who collaborated on the script) was possibly the one who kicked the initial, although three years later, perhaps the most emblematic came: “El Hincha”, written and starring Enrique Santos Discépolo, the same author of the tango “Cambalache”. In 1960, and in author's film format, José Martínez Suárez wrote and directed “El Crack”, whose title bears a double meaning, that of the figure that stands out for his talent and that of what breaks and can end with thousands of dreams. Coming further here, in 1985 Enrique Carreras premiered a film-denunciation about the scourges of football, “Las Barras Bravas”, a drama he co-wrote and directed, with two luminaries from our history, Tita Merello and Juan Carlos Altavista. And the new millennium continued to fight, both with comedies to hang out as “El futbol o yo” (2017), directed by Marcos Carnevale and starring Adrián Suar, as with animations with nothing to envy Pixar, the remarkable “Metegol” by Juan José Campanella and the voices of several of our film and television stars. To close, I highlight a documentary story (of the good) “El otro football” (2012), by Federico Peretti. A broad and profound view of all the passions and efforts that you will never see on TV but that hold in every corner of our country the most popular sport in the world so that it remains the most popular... and cinema continues to produce films.

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