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Vocation for humor

Since childhood, Mundstock's talent was to make laugh. Curiosities about this Santafesino, founder and creative brain of Les Luthiers.

Vocación por el humor Marcos Mundstock

When he was still in elementary school,  Marcos Mundstock  stood out at school events because  he made everyone laugh  with his particular way of talking. The years passed, finished high school, studied engineering, left, studied speech, graduated... He worked as a broadcaster and  joined a choir  where he met his future partners from the  humor . Marcos laughed at remembering how  he went so many laps with his vocation  if, from a young age, he was marked by the talent of making him laugh.

Can you calculate  how many people  Les Luthiers made laugh  ? With a lot of ingenuity, the Spanish newspaper  El País  tried. There are more than ten million, they say, only if we count those who witnessed their theatrical shows. The curious calculation arose in the face of the sad news of the death, at the age of 77, of the founder of this great  artistic collective. In this way, there  are already two original lutiers who died , shortly after the five years of Daniel Rabinovich's departure.

Mundstock left this world after going through a long illness.  He had announced his temporary withdrawal  from the scenarios, on medical advice, because of a problem he had been suffering.

 Unforgettable laughter 

There are many creations of this great humor that  are already part of  Argentine culture  . With its characteristic record of grave voice, how can we forget those introductory stories to most of the works of each show? Mundstock made us know Johann Sebastian Mastropiero, whose supposed life and work are based on many of the musical pieces that the group performs deliciously.

Marcos was born in the capital of the province of Santa Fe  on May 25 . His parents arrived in Argentina before Nazism, but he claimed that all the rest of  his near ancestry had been killed by  the brutal regime. He also claimed that all this  Jewish-European tradition  marked him in his interest in the artistic world.

Mundstock lived in  Buenos Aires  since he was seven years old. Not well he founded the group,  he took over the librettos  of almost all the shows and the lyrics of most of the first songs.

As an instrumentalist, he played the  gom-horn , a kind of trumpet made with a hose and a funnel that intervened in several musical works by Les Luthiers and  the desopilant Recited Gauchesco .

 Goodbye and forever, Mark  Mundstock! Your departure, not by any means, will make you stop making us laugh.

Publication Date: 24/04/2020

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By: Mercedes 24 April, 2020

Excelente cómico!!!!! Muy buena esta breve biografía

By: Facundo Rossi 27 April, 2020

Muy buena síntesis julaaaaii!! Felicitaciones! Un grande mastropiero...

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