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Three announcements for a crime

Cinema allows us to live different lives, perhaps that is the main secret of its success. This is no exception.

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Cinema allows us to live different lives, perhaps that is the main secret of their success, and the lives of the characters in this film will not stop surprising you every minute.

But to recreate those lives, as common as complex, it becomes necessary a good writer, so it is not surprising that this film was written (and then directed) by a playwright. We are talking about  Martin McDonagh ,  English  from pure strain, who had already done the same with the recommended  Lost in Bruges (2008). It clearly shows its origin in the acidic humor so British with which he chose to tell this drama, which occurs in an unknown town lost in the middle of Missouri, United States.

Mildre, a mother, hurt, who does not find peace because of her daughter's (violent) crime, makes a decision as unusual as it is mobilizing, decides to install three advertisements next to an almost dead route to her village asking for explanations from the police chief. From there everything is a chain of reactions and situations that seem to have no end. The rest of the characters that accompany her also carry (each in his own way) with some cross, the ex-husband as a couple with a twentieth of some limitations, a curator and his team in eternal “comfort zone” and a dwarf with an air of seducer. All of them put together a palette of figures difficult to imagine how real, but end up being very credible.

This mixture of genius, mediocrity and the suspicion of how brainless their inhabitants are, intersects with values that appear in actions almost unexpectedly. They surprise with their high-level performances, making you go from hatred to love in a second with each character,  Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell and Peter Dinklage .

Several of them, like the  film  and his script, are serious aspiring for the next Oscar. A funny fact is that Frances McDormand was about to reject the role, but her husband (Joel Coen) convinced her that she had to. Until now it can not be said that it was a bad decision, the starring has already made her a Golden Globe winner, a  SAG Award , a  BAFTA award and an  Independent Spirit Award.  All in the category of Best Leading Actress. With all these awards to his credit he comes to the  Oscar  ceremony as a big favorite.

True, the starting point of this film is the suffering of a mother, but it's not just that. It also tells the story of the characters moving around Mildred and their search for justice. The chief of police played by Woody Harrelson deserves special mention among them, his own problems (he suffers from terminal cancer) bring him out of focus on the investigation. He understands that mother because he himself has two daughters, empathizes with Mildred, but at the same time believes that it is unfair to point him directly to him in the crime announcements. To top it all off, his junior (Sam Rockwell) is a violent and racist cop who undertakes it against Mildred, and his acquaintances, barely notices the posters. The director links all these tragic stories into a kind of black comedy.

The same originality that gives rise to the three posters of the title is lived throughout the film, which even with very dramatic situations, does not stop taking a few laughs, and the most incredible thing is that you don't even (I think thanks to English humor) you feel guilt. A harsh story that is told from a place that does not allow to fall into the low blow. Difficult and rare to recommend a drama where they will have a good time, but it's nice to do it, more if you can enjoy it in a movie theater.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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