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There is nothing better than the theater

The magic of the Wizard of Oz returns for children of all ages. A trip without luggage on Sunday 8 November at the AutoTeatro de La Rural.

Obra de teatro

“It is a work that moves both adults and children,” says Mara Fox, Dorothy in the new version of Frank Baum's classic “The Wizard of Oz”, in a musical adaptation of the singer with Federico Picone. The action takes twenty years after Dorothy left the kingdom of Oz. Now the girl/woman in the red shoes must return to save her daughter Isabela from an enchantment by the evil Witch of the East — Lucía García. “Courage, courage, wanting to undertake, find your own way, find your home, fight for your dreams, all that from the original book appears in our work plus an Argentine tour that reinforces something very ours, that being Argentine is to be family. And that happiness starts from one, if one is well, the rest will be less difficult,” says Fox, who will be accompanied by Nicolás Repetto, Gastón Padilla, Joaquín Arizmendi, Daniela Rubiatti and Julián Mardirosian, renowned performers of musical comedies.

“We had to restructure the work to comply with the protocols,” says Fox in her role as director, adding, “It was perfectly timed so that there is the sanitary distance and the lights and screens show off. The only time that the mandatory subway and a half does not appear is when I sing with my daughter Catalina (Isabela). Seeing a hug on stage will be a very emotional moment in these moments of separations”, closes Fox enthusiastically, in a presentation of the Imaginarium Group and production by   Daniel Pérez and Leandro García.

 Journalist: How do you imagine this new way of doing theatre? 

Mara Fox: It is an experience that must be lived. Actually, the first thing I thought was the honks, the stress, the congested 9 de julio avenue (laughs) And it's a really fun experience to see that they're changed for applause, at the autotheater. In my case when I went to one in Escobar, besides, the simple fact of having my girls in the car gave me security because I could enjoy the show. I didn't have to worry if they were afraid of the dark, or wanted more pods.

We are very excited actors to see faces again, even from a distance. And get out of the pandemic a little bit, out of fear, and let the mind and imagination fly.

 Q: You starred in “The Hunchback of Paris”, “Ice Princess”, “The Phantom of Canterville”, major national and international productions, does the way you approach work in the so-called children's theater? 

MF: I work the same way whether adults or children in the audience; and my goal is to give the viewer truth, and play like a girl. Be it dramatic or comedy, or the style of my Dorothy who travels many states. With children it happens that they make you feel magical, bigger, it is something wonderful. Last year I had to play Elsa of  Frozen  and I realized that magic is true. Children make me compose my characters with more truth, with more feelings, and I have a better time. So in the autotheater I'm going to be very attentive to the little faces behind the glasses.

 Q: How to reach children in a particular year, so disconnected from the human? 

MF: With theater. In a difficult year for families, children are most affected in their relationships, at the human level. When everything becomes so cyber, going back to the theater is a respite for the soul. They are things that renew energy, think about not lowering our arms, and that we always have to dream. And also the Wizard of Oz goes for adult children. To wake up your children to have fun and dream, looking to the future with joy, in the company of your children.

To schedule:

 The Wizard of Oz, the musical 

Sunday 8 November. 18.30 hs.

AutoTeatro La Rural.

20% discount by entering code SERARGENTINO2020: 

Publication Date: 05/11/2020

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