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Quarantine theater: 3 plays to see at home

Theatre plays, talks and children's proposals. Mendocino artists share their content on the internet, for the whole family.

Teatro en casa

Joining the initiative that has spread throughout the country,   actors, directors and theatre producers have decided to share their plays, talks, monologues and stand ups online. For adults and children, there are options for everyone   . In this note we leave 3 of them, with their link, so that, with a single click, you can entertain yourself for a while in this quarantine that, sometimes, becomes untenable.

And as if this was not enough...

Four characters will take us hand in hand to enjoy and have fun with a village festival that   brings together, year after year, the best and most authentic musical groups of local art   . By officiating as a ceremony master to a typical presenter, the different bands will be   performed by the same three musicians-actors   which are going through various musical genres such as folklore, reggae, classical music and cumbia, among others.


Transforming the No

  Adrián Sorrentino has been on stage for more than 30 years, but on the smallest. The café-concert has it as a reference in Mendoza.   That's why the mode of Ted talks suits you perfectly. In this case,   transports us to the “No” in time throughout his life, using them as the engine of his present   and an essential element for the construction of the future. Sorrentino is a teacher in dance, theater and acting.


Slave of my freedom

Directed by   Ernesto Flaco Suárez and performed by the Cast of Teatro de la   UNCUYO   .   The theatrical piece, with a long history on the stages of the province, is   inspired by the life of the Greek fabulist Aesop, a character who lived in ancient Greece in the 6th century BC.   Over time, he gained world fame for his fables that are a permanent invitation to reflection.

Freedom as supreme value, abuse of power, hypocrisy, love and attachment to material things are the themes that it proposes   Slave of my freedom   , an excellent work that has humor, poetry and a lot of metaphor, which propose an intelligent criticism of meritocracy.

Publication Date: 09/05/2020

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