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The Fatima Florez show

Fatima Florez develops a different show every day, where her characters “accompany” her. The most outstanding women in the national show show.

We know Fatima Florez is an  excellent comedian . One of the best imitators in Argentina.

It's kept in her house as most of us are.  Where she lives with her husband... and his characters. 

Fatima was caught by the  pandemic  in the middle of the theatrical season in  Mar Del Plata  . Let us remember that it was  one of the first activities suspended by  social isolation . Since then, the beautiful imitator is dedicated to studying national news. Looking to improve their characters and compose new ones.

Also, to the joy of his followers and everyone,  he is very active on  social networks  . He spends it uploading videos of all his characters and characterizations.  Moria Casan, Silvia Süller, Mariana Nannis, Charlotte Cannigia  and many more.

The talented Fatima Florez does not rest in quarantine, luckily for all of us. It's more: he works more than in the theater. Because for her videos you have to make costume changes and makeup. For whom he had the invaluable help of his assistant in the theater.

Let the shows of Fatima and all the artists come back soon. Hopefully.

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