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The great battle of the first time television comes and the channels accommodate their artistic cannons

Become the deepest duel on the small screen, in a few weeks there will be new seasons of different formats already known, a countdown where certain figures do not hide their nervous load.

TV argentina

The television combat of the two main  television  stations open every year begins its countdown in this autumn time, dizzying weeks where the tension in the main producers leads to untimely reactions, unsuspected conflicts and growing irritation in those who know they have it very difficult. Television in times of pandemic brought on the one hand the growth of the audience that cannot leave their homes, a schedule block that now holds better numbers of viewers watching programs that in the “old normal” would never have given them a few seconds of attention.


Viacom-Telefé and El Trece TV again face the central clash for hoarding strong numbers of televisions tuned into their signals, but unlike old seasons with sanitarily quiet life, now the  pandemic effect  on content revealed a range of difficulties and complications that merit efforts not only to provide interesting content, but also itself does not suffer inconvenience throughout their emissions by these screens. The invisible tension that is breathed all the time with the unpious countdown for those involved, has caused during the recent weeks of activity a crisp of truly worrying dimensions.


There is an incomparable reality: If television were a Formula 1 Grand Prix, the analogy would show that Viacom-Telefé today is a vehicle tightly checked and exhaustively checked to win and demolish its rivals, while his rival El Trece TV has been stunningly wandering for several seasons the contents presented, without warning that every year the difference that makes the first to the second is demoledorously strong. Today the TV car that wins in the competition, seduces the public and awakens laudable comments without ending is naturally “ Masterchef Celebrity 2 ”, a celebrity contest that must be submitted to the opinion of qualified professionals with the dishes they make.


TV argentina


The 2020 season was more controversial than expected, a very hectic calendar that on Thursday night March 19 simply exploded in the air when the mandatory confinement of much of society was established in the face of the sad disembarkation of COVID-19 in different parts of the territory South American. The channels took command of available resources, but the logistics and intelligence to maneuver such a circumstance left the bare that facing a difficulty of this dimension was not something that could be underestimated. While Martinez's broadcaster rushed the formats it would put on screen, skeleton-bolivar businessman Marcelo Tinelli ran before the presidential decree to be held in the south, a controversial journey that aroused harsh criticism for multiple reasons.


The impossibility of making formats requiring physical contact was a horn for sure that the production company “LaFlia” could not assimilate and recompose itself in the way many would have expected. Looking for an alternative format, but using for this context a war budget and many low-cost outlet figures, the divestment took its toll to the main content factory outside the company Artear, exposing the inability of its main content provider to generate a product according to the demanding level that would be manifested by a very large public, unusually locked in their homes not by voluntary decision.


Having offered in this complicated crisis of formats the insult return of “Cantando”, in its 2020 model, was the coup de grace for the solcito signal, which must have tolerated that the renowned and legendary animator desist from driving it, proposing the duo of Ángel de Brito and Laurita Fernández for that task, a duet who slain himself in front of a cycle on the opposite sidewalk that crushed him as if it were a trailer truck that ran over him at 600 kilometers per hour. That “television immunity” of not driving a cycle that should have had him as the protagonist, seeking to balance the unequal combat offering his presence as guarantor of a seductive product, ended up quickly convincing that part of the audience that perhaps showed doubts, that to stress in El Trece would be a good idea. infinite amount of time. Month-to-month numbers translated it into beating, catastrophe in the rating where the contents of the channel of the three pelotitas cut everything presented by the Constitución station's screen. The decision not to be on screen, to devote more time to his task as a leader in San Lorenzo and his discussed political participation, made 2020 for Marcelo Tinelli at last the worst possible nightmare.


TV argentina


Last year's mistakes, many of the result of unforced errors, led to the end of 2020 the response distance to both stations to increase in a lapidary manner, when in the last four months he landed “Masterchef Celenrity 1”, a  reality  with 16 celebrities and three renowned chefs who night after night judged the culinary capacity of these participants. Undoubtedly a good casting, a significant investment in infrastructure and other no minor details, turned the program into the vedette not only of the station in Buenos Aires, but throughout the country. revived with very good proposals the romance that always existed between the public and good food.


The start of 2021 showed two different realities. While Artear decided to cross the border line between season and season with cans and only a few programs produced outside its structure, in Viacom-Telefé they decided not only to stretch the outcome of the chefs contest, but parallel to it they rushed the casting to have ready a few weeks after completion The first, a sequel that struck his rival lethally. That goal was more than met and while some spend energy on rescuing the resistance of Guido Kazka to face monumental gastronomic Goliath, the pathetic thing is that no one complies with commenting on the inoperance in his competitor to propose something different and not survive with retractions of drivers who already they have very rusty seduction.


Appealing to the formats that could be best for him, Viacom-Telefé put together a scheme of Turkish novels, a strong news show, Marley's undeniable ability to conduct a structure of entertainment and obviously, the culinary aircraft carrier to slaughter the competitor channel with constant fire and targeted bombardments. More than fifteen points of difference at times in the competitive strip, not only did they form data that had to be analyzed, but they put in an electric red color in the alarms of a station where the igneous spotlights that unleashed this unevenness were not taken into account as appropriate. Automatism, stubbornness and whims were just the pathetic response offered as the public migrated swiftly from one station to the other.


Marcelo Tinelli


What can be expected in the coming weeks? Undoubtedly it will start a game of nerves on a very high scale, even some episodes of this behavior began in the last hours. Unlike previous decades in which nothing seemed to bother him, the behavior of the aged skeleton-bolivar businessman Marcelo Hugo Tinelli appears contrasting with the times when he played blindfolded to make television, a time where his production team had more reflexes to move tiles and change an artistic tactic. Just as certain rulers last year “fell in love” with the quarantine, the team of producers instead of polishing projects and generating new formats to renew to “ShowMatch”, unfortunately “fell in love” with the “Dancing” format and have long been paying for the consequences, more when of renewal concepts and executive production without hesitation of wallet, now fed the audience with ideas that breathe naphthalene in 360 degrees, wearing out with the presence of characters who had their moment on screen, but who today without oxygenation, became the called “pianta-vows” which were thought to be more important than the stellar animator of the last thirty years.


Frightened by some beats he suffered during the last five years, Tinelli and his members decided to keep some of the old format, but this year the contestants will have to do activities such as acting, acrobatics and other tests of skill, that's why the title mutated to”  The ShowMatch Academy ”, reserving on Fridays for a day of humor where there will be sketches, hidden cameras and also something like reality in a tone of mockery to his rival, called “PolitiChef”, where many imitators will act as politicians cooking, a few months after the legislative elections. The debut of all these changes on the screen of El Trece will be from next Monday 17 May, date that the famous skeletin-bolivar animator will return to open tv after a long and very controversial absence for reasons or issues not yet clarified by its protagonist.


The memory now comes up, because the “original” strategy that came up with the channel's content team, is to put before and after the program produced by “LaFlìa”, to the cycle led by Guido Kazka. The problem is that above moving it from the schedule it had, that is 21 hours, split the format into a two-part module, which would operate as a kind of before and after the “ShowMatch 2021” format, above received the request to override the part where the guests of the cycle dance for a few seconds for face-to-face and telephone participants to win a prize. Far from answering, it is known that Kazka and his own showed their nails and said that perhaps they tolerate the subdivision of the cycle in two phases, but in what they definitely will not give in, is to remove the part where Hernán Drago, Rodrigo Vagoneta and other members of the team do some monry accompanied by the myster uacute; sica chosen by these. This example, which seems silly in appearance, coupled with the fact of putting “Welcome on board”, shows that Marcelo Hugo Tinelli and his very conceited producers are afraid that a new failure will result in a sequence of the same ones that have been concretising without the architects of it being made timely charge of such a range of errors.


TV argentina


The decision of the successful skeleton-bolivar businessman to subdivide his energies among his television production company with different formats, his essential participation as president of the San Lorenzo club in very complicated sports times and his isolated incursions into the world of politics under the huge arm the structural force of the political force that has remained in power for the new millennium in Argentina for the most years, demonstrates that it continues to have the decision-making capacity to cover various tasks, which does not mean that they are all successful or happy ending. If at one time the structures on television not only achieved remembered successes, from a time to this part it was exposed without attenuating of any kind that the businessman lost the “armor” of his successes and in the present a shell from the opposite sidewalk now has the effect of sinking from RSM Titanic. The open television signal Viacom-Telefé found in the entertaining reality “Masterchef Celebrity”, the way to become the most watched thing in recent months, a point that, although paradoxical, forced the television animator to run from that time block to avoid colliding head-to-head against a fleet of tanks. If the television driver were sure of his new format “The ShowMatch Academy 2021”, he would not have hesitated to put it at the same time as the famous cooking, but the sad reality is that from “LaFlìa” they preferred to run from the shooting sector, to sail without apparent tensions.


The ridiculous thing would be to think that, according to all these maneuvers, the fate of the successful skeleton-bolivar businessman will travel on lucky roads, as if from the other side of the television strip they were going to suspend the broadcast of his cycles so that Tinelli will sail alone in the northern sea of the “prime- time” argentinian the most relaxed. Contrary to this naif look that someone may have, from the shore ruled by Viacom-Telefè, the sign of the three colored balls is preparing a series of contents to be released in a few weeks, casually when the founder of “Ideas del Sur” returns to television after more than fifteen months without steadily stepping on a study. On the one hand, the competitive chapters of “La Voz” are already in preparation, a contest of unknown singers who will have a jury of huge call such as Lali Espósito, Soledad Pastorutti, Mau and Ricky, being the fourth member Ricardo Montaner, father is the successful Latin duo of the last five years, which portends that the format has many chances of generating enough empathy with the old followers of the musical format.


They are also recording intensely in the Buenos Aires town of Martínez, a new and reformulated season of the cycle “Trato Hecho” that at the time dedicated to the driver Julián Weich, special since he will now be occupied by cheerleader Lizzy Tagliani, a format that demonstrated his on-screen effectiveness, renewed season that will start next Sunday in the prime-time Sunday. Preparing material in content that were previously tested, Viacom-Telefé plans to hit the competition where it hurts the most. That is, looking to demolish whoever gets on the road, once the second season of “Masterchef Celebrity” ends and in a few weeks, the third season of this successful format will start on screen, definitely the cycle that returned the big guarisms to a screen that missed them and a lot. The big fight of the night is about to begin and we will have to see how the audience reacts to the content that on both sides peer into the air, times where the pandemic and the restrictions will have their effect within the audience volume giving quorum to all these formats.

Publication Date: 04/05/2021

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