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The former factory in Paraná turned into a drive-in

New opportunities emerge from the pandemic and crises. Let's talk about the history of the brand new drive-in cinema in the capital entrerriana.


 Avenida Estrada  is a street that stands out for its ravines and projects that were and came over the years. Perhaps, the best known of them were the former raft stop and some popular bowling that closed or renewed. This is a busy area at night in western Paranaense, just below Parque Nuevo.  But there is also the portland factory, a cement plant that began to be built in the late 1920s . From the latter was born a new proposal for the  city : the   drive-in and theatre  in the open air. Today is already a reality and it feels like a breath of renovation.

Those responsible for the initiative are  Florencio Anadón, Eugenia Cuminetti and Edgardo Proietto . All three were known in March 2020, before coronavirus activities were closed. However, during those months they kept in touch to provide ideas and materialize them. Then came the routine bureaucratic stages, such as municipal empowerment. Until in November they finally received the long-awaited call and got approval. From there on, they got down to work to give the community a different walk  inside the old estate. It happens that there are not a few people who grew up admiring him and who will now have the chance to live it closely.

 Transform to become fun 

Florencio and Edgardo, who is a DJ, explained to  Uno Entre Ríos  about the  uniqueness of the drive-in experience  . In this sense, they stated that they intend to give people the opportunity to enjoy the facilities of  historical architectural  heritage   . To do this, they placed a  display of 18 square meters and added an FM signal  that needs to be tuned to optimize the function. That is to say that the walk has the ability to move us to other times, where the film is heard only through the radio. In addition, it has a  parking lot for 25 cars  with four people each. While for children's works are organized tables with distancing.

The one in charge of the sound is Edgardo, who told how complicated it was to go through the pandemic without having the events enabled. That is why this new bet has him very excited and proud to be able to offer a good show. In parallel, Florencio assured that the space promises a  special trip  to get out of the routine. He also stressed that the public feels protected with the protocols and enjoy the varied gastronomic offers that are available. There is also a WhatsApp service to place orders without leaving the vehicle. Then the waiters approach the vehicles with food and drinks.

 The new drive-in in Paraná added to the trend that settled throughout Argentina with the pandemic . The epidemiological situation prompted society to look for alternative ways and to revive other forgotten ones, such as this. Sometimes it's good to remember that the old is not necessarily boring. In line with this, the organizers of the entrepreneurship reported that the main goal was to provide a further walk to the capital. Which is able to offer quality and reactivate the economic circuit that was so hit throughout this year.

Publication Date: 19/01/2021

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