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The best of missionary cinema, from your home

What are you going to see tonight? Enter the new online platform and see the best of missionary cinema. Fast, free and quality.


You know that  quarantine  continues for a while and that you have to manage to spend this exceptional moment in the best way. Surely, the armchair faced with TV, is one of the privileged options for most Argentines. To the usual offer of online platforms, today multimedia proposals of all kinds are added. So what are you going to see today? How about some missionary cinema?

The Instituto de Artes Audiovisuales de Misiones (IAavim) organized an online exhibition with the most outstanding productions of the red land. It is a digital space that presents the works carried out by directors and technical teams of the province.  Initially you can see 10 productions, including feature films, short films, fiction series and documentary . Subsequently, new film productions will be uploaded.

The exhibition  is possible thanks to the solidarity gesture of producers and directors  who share their audiovisual productions for free. The stories can be enjoyed by entering the  IAavim site. Missionary cinema is a gateway to learn more about this beautiful province. Their culture, identity, society and  conflicts . Also their traditions. We tell you what some of the missionary productions are about.

 1.  Barbacua , by Hector Eduardo Jaquet 

Misiones, in northeastern Argentina, is the territory of green gold. Yerba mate is the main area of its economy. Big businessmen make their fortune and pawns leave their lives on the task. In the middle of these poles, a group of small producers try to regain a traditional mode of production called barbacuá. This documentary tells the cooperative effort in the voice of its protagonists.

 2.  Horacio Quiroga. The banished, by Marcelo Horacio Dacher 

This documentary tells the life of the prestigious rioplatense writer during his stay in the missionary town of San Ignacio. His work and his adventures are portrayed in different facets, showing the complexity of this character. It has a careful reconstruction of the period, as well as outstanding photography, editing and sound. The script leads the viewer to a fascinating adventure that is enriched with must-see testimonies.

 3.  Morning Nap Afternoon Night , by Diego Sebastián Bellocchio 

The series is about the myths and legends of northeast Argentina. Each chapter refers to a time of day and a regional legend or myth. Yasi Yateré and Caá-Porá to nap. The King of Paraná and the Awned in the morning, Lobizón and Pombero at night. The burials and El Payé in the afternoon will be the myths that work as engines of each of the stories.

 How to see all the options of missionary cinema? Please enter  here  to access the full offer.  

Publication Date: 07/04/2020

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