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Teilú: new ways to enjoy audiovisual content

We tell you the story of an entrepreneurship that revolutionizes the world. Teilú is an exclusive platform that uses sign language and auditory descriptions.

Teilú: nuevas formas de disfrutar contenido audiovisual

In case you were a listener, did you ever put yourself in the deaf's place?Did you think about their accessibility, their rights, of learning sign language in order to communicate?In the case of being a psychic, did you ever think about what it would be like to attend films without the sense of vision?These are the questions that were answered, from their possibilities, the creators of Teilú.

 Capacitism is a social reality.   Our society is  thought by listeners and seers, as if they were the only reality. However, they are not. Thousands of deaf people, blind or with different disabilities, are  excluded from social dynamics today,  because these communities are thought of as minorities,  when they are not.  Digital and technological tools are very large in the 21st century and our world perspectives are broadened, but there is still a real perspective on people with  functional diversity or disabilities. 

In Argentina in 2020, people who use sign language  or braille  are violated. There are no laws that uphold their linguistic rights . Around which access to all other rights revolves. Health, education, housing, identity and thousands of other rights are violated when access to one's own language is inhibited.The right to manage freely in urban space, for example, is run over by a capacitist society.  That she does not see beyond the norm she herself imposes. Within the framework of a  new vision of the world and rights , a group of students decided to develop a platform that  makes audiovisual material available for blind or deaf people. 

 Teilú is a platform that emerged in 2019,  with  students and graduates  of the Faculty of Film and Television of the National University of Córdoba (UNC).  It aims to facilitate access to audiovisual material for people who are not blind or deaf . That is why this platform is  responsible for uploading and collecting  digital content that has  audio description, subtitling and sign language system . The term “Teilú” has a Celtic origin and  means community. 

 Teilú arises from a need that was to be able to reach blind and deaf people.  We were carrying out this task of adapting audiovisual content quite rustic, in cultural centers and institutions. But we started to receive a barrage of orders from other provinces who wanted to access our content. And so came the idea, with a need to cover .

That's what Maximiliano Pinela, one of its creators, says. Aylén Luponio, another of his creators, says that it was  very important for the team  to take into account  the reality of deaf and blind people.  In a time when everything is audiovisual, in which series and new seasons, films, books and cultural content are emerging 24/7, it is important that they also reach these communities. In addition, the student says that  the most difficult part of the process of creating the digital platform was to professionalize the adaptation process.  Since it involved studying , researching and consulting with  sign language professionals and users, as well as  staff linked to or belonging to blind community. 

Moreover, these adaptations must have the dynamism of our languages.  These are all the time modified and updated by your speakers or users. Therefore,  Teilú's content is constantly reviewed by deaf and blind people, and updated if necessary. 

Three modes, a new world

 A new dimension of the audiovisual environment opens up from these new possibilities of adaptation.  The task of subtitling, describing or signaling is not a mere translation . Hide a particular art  that  enables new ways  to enjoy content. Teilú, in this sense, has three methodologies, developed and applied by professionals in the subject.

1. On  the one hand, audio description (AD)  functions as  a voiceover  that provides narratively important information to the blind person. Among these data is, for example, the costumes of the characters, the relevant movements, the description of the scene where the action takes place, etc.

2. On the other hand, Teilú's contents have  Subtitling for the Deaf (SPPS).  This subtitle  translates sound speech into text.  It includes music and makes it easier to understand the film.

3. The third and not least important option is the  Argentine Sign Language (LSA).  This language is considered the mother tongue of the deaf community. It is named with his gentilice, because, despite popular beliefs, this language is not universal. Each community, within each country, has a specific sign language. In Teilú, the sign language used in Argentina is used. In addition, it offers a sign language in fiction, which allows to describe the sounds, sensations  and emotions experienced by characters to  facilitate the understanding  of stories.

Teilú in 5 steps

This website was finally launched and started to work for free.  It is accessible to anyone who has a device with internet access.  In five simple steps, you can enjoy adapted audiovisual content. 

  1. Enter .
  2. Sign up with your Facebook or Google account.
  3. Login to your email account and confirm your subscription.
  4. Choose whether they want sign language or use audio description, whether deaf or blind.
  5. Enjoy the free catalog of movies and series.

Publication Date: 06/08/2020

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