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“If it hadn't been dance, I could have worked in a circus.”

Simple and cheerful, Argentina's top classical dancer of the last decades, tells anecdotes of her beginnings.


The greatest classical Argentine dancer of the last decades, the dream  partenaire  of the great, the teacher of teachers. They're headlines that take Eleonora Cassano carelessly. She prefers to perform as mom of Thomas and Juliet, wife of Sergio, housewife, ballet teacher, cook and owner of 2 beautiful dogs, Lila and Farah. “My woman function is the family” proudly assures the artist who started onthe demands of the Teatro Colón and brought national talent to the main stages, and before the personalities of the world such as Lady Di, the princess who surrendered at her feet. Woman determined to take risks, with a career that starts in the classical world and reaches the mass audience with her participation in the Teatro Maipo,  Showmatch  and the company of Flavio Mendoza “My role is to contribute to dance. I entered the television show to keep doing what we were doing with Julio (Bocca), the way to bring dance closer to people, I was going to get to places where they would never have had the opportunity to see me in a theater... and also for me it was an opportunity because I set out to show that can dance all kinds of dance from the right place”, explains who on the endless tour of Chapeau!  professionally retired from dance. But just hung up the tutu, “I live from dance and for dance,” he said. And Cassano continued to teach and share the passion for dancing in her private lessons with the new generations of Argentina and the world. It also added numerous free activities and shows in defense of human rights and children. The Julio Bocca Foundation collaborates regularly with organizations that assist more than 2,000 girls and boys in vulnerable situations.

“I was giving Master Class all over the country, for a few years I've been doing that job that I love, because it allows me to get to places where maybe people don't have the possibility to go to classes in Buenos Aires to the big dance centers, so I go to different studios and give them everything I was learning on my travels, in my classes with teachers from outside and also work at the Julio Bocca Foundation, but also with different studies and places that call me. I was also working with the Tucumán Ballet Company of classic and contemporary. I really like to be able to provide everything I learned,” he recently told Pablo Silvestri Raffin, a colleague of the, and consulted for his legacy, humble, he said, “It's a question I had to get used to answering it because at first I didn't know very well. I feel about my person what I do, but legacy is a strong word and I think that little by little people were answering it a little, “What you marked,” they said to me. So I think I marked something in many generations that take me as a reference, who have told me that they have had me in the folder when they were studying dance, so obviously something I did with dance and I think maybe I stand out for being considered affectionate with people, so all that makes a combo that is interesting. My legacy is to have marked generations and I hope to continue doing so, in good dance training” Chapeau!

An inaltable in his performances and interviews: the mint pill. “I learned to keep a candy in my mouth partly to calm anxiety and also supply the need for fluids while I dance. Surely they won't notice when they look at the note!“, closes Eleonora laughing in our exclusive report at the legendary Teatro Maipo. Another perlite: ensure that when you wash the dishes your legs are in second position. Eleonora is all Dance.

Publication Date: 05/01/2021

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By: Aaron 26 May, 2018

Grande Eleonora!, lejos la mejor bailarina de ballet clásico argentino

By: Clau Pas 13 February, 2021

Me encanta Eleonora lástima que no la pude ver en vivo😆 siempre x tv

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