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Rodolfo Barili and the expected reunion

After 60 endless days, at last Rodolfo Barili, the concuctor of TELEFE news, had a reunion with his two loves.

 Quarantine is getting hard. Beyond the economic issue that many Argentines suffer, there is the isolation we all suffer. Things start to relax. At least that happens in Buenos Aires. Fortunately, transit was enabled so that children of separated parents could visit the father with whom they do not live with. Such is the case of  Rodolfo Barrilli, who had a reunion with his children  after a long time.

There were 56 infinite days for Barili, until the reunion with  Dante and Benicio took place. His beloved children. The boys live 15 days with Rodolfo and 15 with her mother, because her house is  La Plata . Which complicates a weekly transfer in normal times. Just the weekend that  Telefe  's news driver was going to look for them,  quarantine was decreed.

The poor father was left without seeing his children for too long. Maybe that led him to do a couple of very fun furces driving the show. He drives with his colleague from years,  Cristina Perez . Who saved him sometime from the media “paperón”.

Rodolfo Barili recently spoke in an interview about how much he missed his children and what he longed for this reunion that took place now.

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