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Rocky Balboa is Argentinean

Daniel Gioffré is a fan of the saga of “Rocky” who fulfilled his dream of personifying the boxer and replicating the scenes of the film.


Dreams are not explained. The  passions  that move us are personal and it is enough that we identify and understand them ourselves.  Daniel Gioffré  had a longing he wanted to materialize: to be Rocky Balboa  . Yeah, that: become Rocky and step on every place he stepped on. Rebuild his steps and replicate the most emblematic scenes of his films. By force of commitment and courage, he made it. The result is the documentary  I'm Rocky , in which it reproduces detail by detail each of the chosen scenes of the film in the original locations of  Philadelphia , USA.

But how did a Marketing and Communication consultant end up making a  documentary  about a film from the 70s? It all started a long time earlier. In a movie theater, of course. A young Daniel, just  12 years old  , came to a room full of expectation.  Rocky I  was projected on the screen and he, like so many boys of his time, went  crazy . Since then he knew that one day, somehow, he wanted to become that character, at least for a while.

Daniel's life continued in other ways, but his fanaticism for Rocky accompanied him to this day. In addition to specializing in Marketing, he is  an actor  and producer. The idea began to take shape in his head, but it took some time to materialize. He needed, in addition to organization and time, the money to be able to cover the expenses required for  filming .

The beginning of a dream

When the plan was already in place, an important part was missing: its  physical preparation .  Daniel's an actor,  but he's not a boxer. Then, he enrolled in a gym to learn and practice the  shots  required. In addition, he received training to achieve the necessary state for the long hours of jogging that came to him.

No detail could be overlooked. For this, he paid attention to the  costumes  used in each scene and ordered them to tailor made:  leather jacket , joggins, headband. Everything is just as  Sylvester Stallone  uses in his films. Once he had everything ready, he took tickets to  Philadelphia . He chose to do so in mid-February, which was at the time the film was filmed.

Once there, what followed was hard, but it was worth it. First, he rented a room in a house in the same neighborhood that Rocky lived in at the beginning of the movie, to get into the character and walk his streets. The logistics to find the  locations  was not easy.  There were 27 sites that are not signposted . So Daniel looked for them one by one and, with the help of  Google , found the exact places. Then he and the  cameraman  who accompanied him had to reproduce the exact shots seen in the film.

I'm Rocky.

For five days,  Daniel Gioffré became Rocky Balboa . Cold and for long days, he ran through  the streets , climbed stairs and walked through the same places as his idol. He had, of course, some setbacks. He risked being arrested when he reproduced the scene in which the character  runs along the train tracks , because that there is a federal crime. Luckily, nothing happened. They also did not have permission to cut the streets, so many shots were damaged by some untimely car or pedestrian.

The result of all that work is  Yo soy Rocky , a 42-minute  documentary  that is now available on YouTube. It  reproduces different scenes  from all the films in the saga that were shot in Philadelphia, as  Rocky III  was filmed in Los Angeles and  Rocky IV  in Russia. In October, it will be presented at  Doc Buenos Aires , a festival of amateur documentaries. In February next year, at the  International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra , Spain.

Forty-three years after its premiere, Rocky returned to the ring. And, this time, in the shoes of an Argentinian.

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Publication Date: 29/06/2020

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 01 July, 2020

Muy buena nota, un hallazgo y que grosso Daniel

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