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Pixar always surprises you again.

Coco, directed by Lee Unkrich, is the nineteenth production of Pixar studios, is already a blockbuster megahit.

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A few days ago, entering the  cinema  I saw  Coco 's posters, film they gave in another of the complex's theatres. I told Maria, my wife, that despite everything I had enjoyed about  Pixar 's films, today I was no longer motivated. Thanks to my children, because it was them who was taking to see them, I became a fan of the  Toy Story  (to my liking, the best trilogies in film history),  Monster Inc   .   and  Looking for Nemo  , among other wonders. But, I was no longer attracted to the animated giant's titles.

A couple of days after this disenchantment, I saw a post by Rodrigo, a friend who knows good cinema, talking about how Pixar had overcome Coco. To top it off, in the same week I read a note by Marcelo Stiletano in the newspaper  La Nación , where he spoke wonders of the film, even (with an exception) recommended to see it in Spanish. Marcelo, as a man respectful of cinema as an artistic expression and films as they were conceived, is against seeing cinema  “folded”   ( maximum to which I adhere). But in this case he suggested quite the opposite. I didn't need any more excuses, it was a thing of doing me for a while and going to see her, what good I did.

The film entertains, catches and thrills, with a script of those you think you discovered everything and takes one more spin to surprise you. From the visual it is surprising, even though Pixar never disappointed us with the animation of his films, in this he achieves that the expression of the characters and the colorful scenarios and situations are perceived in detail. The viewer is immersed in the atmosphere of history thanks to the excellent work of the technical team.

The love of music, family, dreams and that attractive rite of Mexican culture are central: The day of the dead. Its director said on promotional tours that music is in  Coco 's DNA. It shapes the film where some characters are musicians and others don't want to know anything about it. The main character (Miguel) is a very talented boy with guitar in a family where it is forbidden to sing or playing an instrument. The story of how he pursues his dream, and he lives  supernatural  adventures on the road, is full of melodies. The plus that leaves us is the tribute he makes to Mexican culture and the treatment of a subject as delicate as death. Thanks to this tape I learned a lot about “The Day of the Dead”, where they commemorate their deceased and pay tribute to them so that they are not forgotten.

The dubbing and the  language  in which they decide to see it becomes very important since everything in the film, very especially the soundtrack is well chaparrita, enough reasons for the voices to be from the country that marks the culture of the history. In the Spanish version there were very few of the artists who had put their voices in English, while the original cast had a large percentage of Latin actors, the actor who stands out in both versions is Gael Garcia Bernal. Who recorded his parliaments in both languages. A perlita of the Spanish version is the inclusion of the remembered Marco Antonio Solís giving his voice to the character of Ernesto de la Cruz

 Coco , directed by  Lee Unkrich  (who also directed  Toy Story 3 and  co-directed  Monsters Inc  , among others) is the nineteenth production of  Pixar  studios.

As expected it is already a mega blockbuster (I wouldn't be surprised if it's the biggest of 2018), but on this note that doesn't matter, what matters is that you don't miss it.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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