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Network of theaters, network of love

We tell you the form of organization that resists and copes with the coronavirus. An unshakable network that defends culture and embraces itself until everything passes.

 The cultural and popular sector is one of the hardest hit in this context of global crisis and pandemic.However ,   nothing stops us. Because defending our culture is defending our identity .  And in the face of that,  there is no pandemic that makes us lower our arms.That is why new forms of organization are emerging to resist and survive the chaos that lies in our midst .  In Córdoba, a large part of the population finds its catharsis, leisure and  recreation spaces in theaters  and cultural centers. In this city, as in the whole province,  independent art and autonomous works are  a reality. Because they are undertakings that seek to come out from below and that  represent our popular culture. 

In the case of Cordoba's cultural centres and theaters,  they decided to unite and organize themselves. The Cordoba Theater Theater Network is the example of struggle and resistance . It is composed of  65 rooms representing 85% of the theatrical performance of the province of Córdoba.In a context in which many spaces must close their doors or venture into campaigns that help them pay taxes .  That's why they come together to make the  necessary demands, support each other and continue to fight together. 

For example, the last intervention was a  request for assistance from the State. Because the rooms that  were closed also left  many people without work and without income.Therefore, the Network weaves and weaves solutions, so that we can continue .  In addition, there are many  members of this group , so the demands and campaigns spread rapidly throughout the  territory of Cordoba. This is a great advantage because, through social networks, they make visible the different struggles that they face.  every cultural space. 

A network with voice

 “ The Provincial Government continues to ignore the performing arts sector of the Province, in times when we urgently need it to live up to the critical moment we live up to, with concrete actions, political will and coherent public policies that build and strengthen the identity of the Performing Arts of Córdoba” , expresses the collective in their networks. The spaces that make up this group are in a very difficult situation and appeal to  public and political support. They find themselves demanding many issues .  As, for example, the urgent declaration of the Cultural Emergency throughout the Province of Córdoba. The joint elaboration of a post-pandemic Emergency Plan for the Performing Arts and its prompt implementation. In addition, they demand a manage to the corresponding entities the exemption from the payment of services for 2 years, subsidies, social assistance schemes and other rights  that would make this deadly odyssey a forgetable adventure. 

At the provincial level, since March 13, more than  1000 artists in the area were unemployed.   And 60 independent cinemas,  which account for 88% of the production of  the performing arts  in the province,  closed their doors. They add to this: workshops, students, technical staff and many others who directly or indirectly depend on this task . 

In adversity, it is very important  to vindicate our culture, endure and support all independent projects so that, when the storm passes, we can enjoy these spaces again.Artists and workers of art, entertainment, smile, ask for it .  We, the Cordoba, understand and support them.Because  we are theater, party makers and defend the spaces that constitute us as Argentines and Cordoba. 

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