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Mariano Saborido: from Puerto Deseado to the small screen

Mariano Saborido is a santacruceño actor who came to television. He was a vase and nanny, but his passion was always acting. We tell you his story.

At the age of 27,  Mariano Saborido debuted on television .He did it nothing more and nothing less than in one of the most successful novels of 2019: Argentina, land of love and vengeance . He now joined  Separates  — the new bet of the 13th — with his character as  Facundo  .

 His beginnings in acting 

The santacruceño actor tells that  his passion for acting began when he was a kid . At the age of 11, his village began to participate in some works — in  Puerto Deseado — but he lived it  as part of a great game he loved being a part of.

After the second school, she moved to Capital Federal to study at the university. With the financial support of his parents,  Mariano studied his career in Social Communication at  UBA .  Remember that while he already knew his passion was acting, he was clear that his parents would not share that choice. That's why he studied a degree degree and,  in parallel, did some theater workshops .

 At the age of 19 , he managed to take his first professional steps  as an actor and add some weights to give himself small tastes. However, once received, he had to go out in search of other jobs in order to  become independent from his family . So he  worked caring for children and   as an employee in a flower shop  .

 The arrival of its popularity 

Mariano Saborido 's popularity   came with his role as Paco Jamandreu  in the novel   Argentina, land of love and venganza  . With some nostalgia, he remembers the moment when he warned his parents that he would be part of the novel.   They were more than two thousand kilometers away and they always had a hard time to understand my work as an actor. That's why  my arrival on television allowed them to be a little more friends with this that I chose to do and they feel proud to see me on the screen,” said the santacruceño.

 This 2020 he joined Polka's new bet  Separated— with his character Facundo . “He is a guy with a lot of spark who falls in love with the gym teacher. However, there is another character — that of Gimena Acardii — who also feels strong things for him. That's why there will be an important dispute between the two, to see who stays with Andrés's heart,” said Mariano.

 About your present and your future 

“It's a very happy present for me. I was finishing recording the previous strip when I was proposed to start  Separates . I mean, I ended up with one and arraquished with another. I didn't get the times to return to Puerto Desedo and spend a few days with my family. I haven't been back for more than a year for my payments. Luckily my old men could come to visit a few times and they did me very well. It always takes a bit of family affection and push before starting new projects ,” Saborido added.

According to the actor,  the whole town of Puerto Deseado follows his acting footsteps and are very happy to have him as a representative .   My parents tell me that the neighbors stop them on the street to congratulate them on my work. Something very crazy but that gratifies me a lot,” he emphasizes.

Mariano Saborido is very clear that popularity will not last forever. There is a possibility that, in the future, the intensity of work will increase or, conversely, lower. However,  he is very clear that his passion is acting and he wants to live on it.  “ I would have no problem in casting again or working on advertising again. I am also training in singing and other artistic disciplines.  I love art, and it will always be my grounding wire,” concluded the actor.

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