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Marcelo Tinelli and a landing that can mean glory or a thunderous failure

At the worst professional moment of his entire career, the legendary entrepreneur and animator returns to television in a supposedly renewed format, but everything indicates that, if things do not go as you wish, quickly return to your rusty formulas by a miracle.

The media bombardment of the last few hours is thunderous and there are only the interviews he gave to the main newspapers, notes that will be published this weekend, prior to his television return this Monday night. Encouraged by a reality that seems to have marked him the court, letting him understand that his reign was in the past and everything must be revalidated to sustain itself in time, the great skeleton-bolivar businessman  Marcelo Hugo Tinelli  returns to the    television after 17 months and this return is located very far from those seasons where the audience was shocking, causing great ignition in the prime-time and comments on national channel. Crease or not, it is so strong the smear that his latest professional actions caused in a very fantastic trajectory in the media, that surprising the majority who still follows him in this expected return, he decided to run from the schedule he usually used with his huge artistic craft. “Viacom-Telefé is very strong,” he remarks in a note, and it is hard to understand that the man who set agenda and style on television, now enters it almost through the service door in order not to bother residents of television entertainment.


“ShowMatch La Academia” is a supposed new format with which it returns to a channel where he has experienced the strongest conflicts in his entire work history, motivated by the unusual need to raffle its prestige in pursuit of political or economic objectives that in the last decade caused a devastating descent in the positive image of the driver of “Rhythm of the Night”. The convenience of anchoring in a stagnant format and squeezing it to remove strychnine drops from the umbrellas, caused the public who followed him to get sick of the comfort to which he got bad accustomed while strengthening his ties with politicians who, let's be honest, have it as subscriber to the “profiland” aacute; ctico of the year” for those situations in which politics needs public figures with good image to give credibility to despotic or superb attitudes brought to the limit. The format “Dancing for a dream”, far from being a contest to provoke aid to those who may need the cycle to solve social problems, over the years became the media sewer where celebrities came with the excuse of dancing, to win the prominence they did not give them in others cycles or broadcasters, exposing sentimental crises, corrupt acts or low winnings to earn a few minutes with the prestigious man from Esquel and Bolivar, as he admitted last year when he launched a speedy supersonic exodus with his voluminous family clan to the south Argentine before ASPO was decreed — Phase 1.


In the notes he gave to promote his return to the small screen, the contradictions occupy a monumental place, where reality and its expressions collide harder than the road accidents recently shown by the closed circuits of certain provincial sectors that have that 24-hour monitoring. “I always emphasize that we have to change,” he says the most loose body, while the story reminds him that since he fell in love with “Dancing”, he put the focus on a format that sooner or later would end up rusty and insufferable even for his less demanding followers. As he is not confident with the cards he will play in the first weeks of this new battle against Viacom-Telefé, he had no choice but to turn to the comedians to fill a day of programming in the grid of a channel that stood as he could before his unjustified absence. It seems a hairshot that now resorts to its true artistic flow, when, by the absurd enchantment caused by the alleged dance competition with an obvious telephone vote stained with multiple suspicions, he left planted a large and old squad of comedians who overnight he had to go desperately for a pilgrimage to other stations, when the insufferable festival of scandalous dancers seemed to become an infinite anarchy at the most competitive time of television.



Now as if nothing, he says that Fridays will be destined to excused humor in “putting humor to the political world, to the untenable crack that we are going through many years ago”, a pronunciation that looks brutally tight with memory, when his countless and highly discussed behaviors in the poli They were with the political sign that plunged the nation in this unfortunate battle designed to favor a few unhanged who “ShowMatch” ends up playing as Danny Kaye in the feature film “The Jester of the King”. The businessman reiterates the terms “renewal” and “change” until the last decade he ignored these expressions. The call for characters that will appear this season is marked by the crisis: most took part in the failed “Singing 2020” cycle, as well as some few additions to put minimal oxygenation to a devalued squad that breathes mothalline and despair to get work, in a country devastated by the health pandemic and others with different social structures. This grounding of characters must compete in dance, singing, acrobatics, circus, imitations, trap and musical comedy, among other activities, a format that, if for those things of fate does not find a good response, ends up deriving to the scandals of their characters, according to how these detonate the rating's vumeters in the famous “minute by minute” measurement, to which the entrepreneur and his producers often attach sublime importance.


His absence from the screen of the solcito channel, provokes another of those contradictions that leave him naked before the memory of his recent behaviors. “I live this return with a lot of enthusiasm and desire. It took a lot of time between I finished and I start again, not being in the air puts you in a place like strange, much more after being used to returning in April and May to television, not having been able to do the show last year was strong”, said before the microphone a farandulera magazine that sells less every day. The most pathetic thing about this whole thing, is that the animator did not return to TV simply because he did not want to, since in the place of the “Dancing”, the huge producer he directs placed as a foreseeable replacement the “Cantando 2020”, a format so ricky and forgettable that as expected, in that time stretch did not tickle the competition. If he wanted to be on screen, he could calmly have been pleased to make television in the competitive prime-time and win the respect of the industry even without getting large rating numbers, but he preferred without hesitation to place the Angel de Brito-Laurita Fernández duo instead, so that the Viking sacrifice of the cycle burned in the middle of the sea, did not have it right inside the wooden barge, obviously leaving its employees to be immolated charred by reality, as if they were the remains of the huge Chinese rocket that these days was pulverized upon returning to Earth.


The arrival of the renowned entrepreneur and television conductor, far from bringing peace of mind to the hosts of the solcito station, triggered a powerful scandal that some try to soften without any luck. The decision to place “ShowMatch La Academia” right in the first “prime-time” block, starting its broadcasts at 21 hours, as many estimated, resulted in a conflict with those responsible for the game cycle “Welcome on board”, led by the worn driver Guido Kazka, who will now have his previous program divided into two chapters. One part will go before “Telenoche” and another will not end the LaFlia program, unfolding that very disturbed those responsible for the format that had established a beach headboard in the rating of this station in difficult times. In  El Trece  , such a move, he also demanded to put an order to the programming that preceded the failed news broadcast roughly manipulated by animators Diego Leuco and Luciana Geuna, maneuver where all the programs ranging from the 14:30 will shorten their times to create a gap before the news, nonsense misbaradjustment only carried out so that “La Academia” does not crash with the star program of Argentine television in recent months. It is quite funny and even curious that someone like the founder of “VideoMatch” is afraid to face with his television return to ten celebrities cooking for three sympathetic jurors on the rival broadcaster. The most ridiculous touched his maximum expression when the animator requested that Kazka's cycle remove the part of guests dancing in a phone game, as if the art of moving the ducklings were his exclusive property.



Things do not portend too much novelty for those who know the format that the producers of the skeletin-bolivar entrepreneur have been developing in recent years, a structure that in its debut will have a recorded opening with celebrities to put a touch of sympathy to the start of the “renewed” program. In addition to dance choreography, a song sung by Coti Sorokin and the presence of invited figures, which must yes or yes respect social distance and health restrictions, the first shipment will be as a prequel to what will follow the next day with the first couples competing in the module “Cube al squared”, dance scheme with certain acrobatics, not forgetting that the humorists and imitators of politicians will appear in the wide shed where the cycle will be made in the Don Torcuato area. The return shipment will head to the legendary Baires Studios, a space now occupied by Pol-Ka, but which will provide an extensive property to the producer of the artistic cycle and other cultural specialties. The beginning of the humorous format will come at the end of this week that begins, with hidden cameras, sketch and the preview of the realist with imitated politicians go to know for what purpose, block that will be called “Politichef”. The animator does not dare to be on the same schedule as the most watched cycle of the tevé, but it does not disgust him to satirize him with his comedians, as if that were to cause an ulcer to his rivals on the opposite sidewalk, a little boy own to someone unusually very unsure of his resources. Above, with the arrival of the new legislative elections, it is not ruled out that certain comedians are manipulated to make a dent in the political sign that their public profile rejects in a lapidary way.


As can be noticed, that of the words “new” and “change” shine by their absence, when corroborating these details no one would fail to endorse that the producers of the author of the phrase “Pum up” did not drop an idea even by chance for this expected return, an art tournament and an art tournament. This year will have as the new jurors Jimena Barón and Hernán Piquín, recent additions that will be added to Carolina Pampita Ardohain and Angel de Brito. The latter two will not be able to mark the full performance card, as the model is six months pregnant and in almost 60 days will leave this cycle for the arrival of the new family member, after his big wedding with the gastronomic businessman Roberto Moritán, who will prefer a low profile during these months as a result of its multiple occupations. The case of driver Angel de Brito enters the Guinness annals of television irony, because when traveling to Miami to get vaccinated a few weeks ago against COVID, when he was due to return he was detected the new disease and will keep isolation in that devalued province of the United States until negative, put of the court that in these first broadcasts will be covered by Guillermina Valdés, wife of the businessman who resumes his work on tv. The trip to get vaccinated ended up marginalizing him from the premiere, something that always adds points in the factory of the mythical “Cabezón” azulgrana.


Marcelo Hugo Tinelli's return to the screen of El Trece with his “ShowMatch format

The Academy”, happens at unfavorable times for the legendary skeleton-bolivar businessman. After his failure to be president of the AFA after a vote in which he was allowed to see the matufias of that entity, when someone intends to mark the court to those unpresentable managers, his present as sports leader currently acting as president of San Lorenzo is experiencing the biggest crisis of the club in the & last ten years. Eliminated from the League Cup by Racing ten days ago and from the South American by Rosario Central a few nights ago, the entity and its very mediocre players fagocyted ten technicians in seven years, adding Dabove, who gave up driving after 0-2 against the Academy in the regular phase. His presence in the sanlorencist entity is still due to the plan to move the stadium to Boedo, but no one puts his hands on the fire on the continuity of the entrepreneur in that position if things add more complications in the future. Politically, the discredit of the television animator touches the highest levels, after participating in political conclaves to solve issues that weeks later, are covered by other government disagreements. Giving a very weak image and without the television power to stand at the same time to the dominator format of “ Masterchef Celebrity ”, the return of the famous program fighting the night measurement against the central news and a Turkish novel appears to be scarce for those who often measured 30 rating points. “I settle for two digits” is the phrase that mechanically repeats in the carefully selected interviews, implying that they are times of skinny cows, where the pandemic has been sweeping month by month in an absolutely uncomfortable and annoying situation where it is analyzed.

Rating: 0/5.