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Iván de Pineda and his return to TV: “I love deeply what I do”

The experienced driver is one of Telefé's top additions, with the return of “Pasapalabra”, a program that the quarantine of 2020 put into pause mode.

Iván De Pineda

At the end of March, with the arrival of ASPO, open television was abruptly altered. A clinic like  Pasapalabra disappeared in the afternoons of El Trece, given the strong limitation that the programs had to apply with their live broadcasts. Almost a year later, Iván de Pineda enjoys the return now on Telefé's screen. There is no anger, no grudge or predictable sensations that any professional would express, because, first of all, the model who paraded for Jean Paul Gaultier or Valentino is a righteous gentleman.


That quoted top model that worked at the end of the millennium in places like New York, London and Milan, far from being bitter with the cancellation of travel and all closed borders, was dedicated to reading and maintaining his link with his loved ones. Turned at this point of his career into a leading driver, he avoids wear and tear off his colleagues and does not use social networks, that is, a real genius at this height of the circumstances. It does not hide the enthusiasm for the return to the screen and anticipates new games for  Pasapalabra , a cycle to which he installed his imprint blunt and impeccable.


From his beginnings in 1994 as a mobilero in  El Rayo , until today, his profession found him achieving striking achievements. In his role as an actor, from his small role in the film  Un Buda (2005), he evolved and his starring in  When she saltó (2007) earned him the Silver Condor Award as “Best Revelation Actor”. On television, he never went unnoticed and his work in  Rest of the World, during 2016, allowed him to win the Martín Fierro award in the category of “best cultural programme”. Friendly, measured and very polite, his talk with Ser Argentino allowed him to make a good review of his entire career at this very happy moment with his return to the small screen.


Ivan De Pineda


 Do you feel that with your television formats you installed a new driving style?  

 Iván de Pineda: I don't know if I look like that, I don't like to cover more place than I belong, I'm like innocent for this kind of thing. Yes I think it is very related to the communication times that happen now, I am a little faster in these times where there is a greater chance to be attentive to everything that happens, not only in Argentina, but in the world, there is an amazing offer. In my personal case, I love deeply what I do, have fun and have always been lucky to do things that fill me, I have been very lucky to work with people who provide me with the necessary elements to follow this wonderful road in driving.


 Do you consider that your greatest success is to have overcome the prejudices that were about your task when you started? They criticized your diction very much, and now your cycles maintain an incandescent validity.  

 Iván de Pineda : The part of the speed and the huge verborragia you allude to is probably that of a guy who had many things happened to, probably together at a time where it wasn't common for them to happen, at a time maybe different. I'm still the same person as when I started many years ago. I'm still exactly that same person, and I never felt the need to go out with a flag or a banner alluding to things that had to do with my private life. I can emphasize things that do me well, that I like and motivate, things linked to restlessness, speed, I move that way with a lot of candor trying to get away with everything that has to do with pomp and circumstance, avoiding obvious private issues.


 At the time you became an international top model claimed by many major firms around the world. Then you reinvented yourself in the complicated communication industry. How do you remember that professional conversion in 2000?  

 Ivan de Pineda:  I don't know if there was a moment of epiphany, of revelation when I started. Everything happened in a very organic, calm and natural way, I'm not one of those people who draw great long-term strategies and think, on the contrary, I'm more about adapting to situations than anything else. I am a person who deeply loves everything he does, I like to raise it like that. I had a hard time working in fashion, I always said so, beyond all the satisfactions that professional world gave me, but it gave me a lot of personal satisfactions.


Ivan De Pineda

 At that time your passion for reading grew and fundamentally for travel.  

 Iván de Pineda:  Exactly, it was an area where I developed for many years, I was very small, that gave me the opportunity to know a lot of things, receive a lot of encouragement and learn a lot, have the opportunity to travel, be in continuous contact with people completely different. With that I was able to know different places, see different thoughts, idiosyncrasies, cultures. I started to travel from very young with my mind, since reading, my first professional trips were to walk the streets of things I had read in the books. Then I started there to develop from somewhere.


 You adapted to work on different platforms and different sites around the world, detail that was reflected in your professional hits. That's funny, isn't it?  

 Iván de Pineda:  It's amazing, to check the passage of time, I don't know if it happens to you, close your eyes and think how I was acting when I was a kid, I remember that I didn't leave my house without a cospel in my pants pocket. Then I started traveling when there were no platforms that we have today to interact, then I would spend days and days without knowing what was happening in the place I had left, now I remember. I was at Narita Airport in Tokyo, always with my books on my back, because what I read would not leave it, if I bought one, I didn't leave the other, I had to go home with both of them.


 Things have changed a lot in the last decade in that regard.  

 Ivan de Pineda:  Good thing, right? , today you have tablets where you can carry your entire library if you want, you have smartphones that allow you to access many platforms or applications, they allow you to know the day to day of the places you are. what happens in the place you left. I remember that one since a young man I don't know if he used to “get frustrated”, but yes to know that in this life of elections we all live, you leave a lot of things aside, when you are a boy and you are at that training stage as a person, you're leaving things that are very important to you.


Ivan De Pineda


 It is clear that after winning a general culture contest on Susana Gimènez's program, many had to destroy that vulgar prejudice of the handsome but silly guy. How did you experience that phase of reconsideration to the all-terrain qualified professional?  

 Iván de Pineda:  Look, I never had the need to go out and change the questions that were made about my work or my person, they are very personal, they are part of my life, they are  sine qua non  conditions that became part of my life since I was very young. These have nothing to do with the professional, nor the place of development, which are very important to me because they meant a lot personally, a lot of different issues, they are part of the universe in which I imagine many times I live. It's being at my house at night when I raise a book, read it, when I'm curious about something, I never felt the curiosity to go public, because I think I'm going somewhere else.


 In a timely manner do not retrace a predictable route for certain objectives.  

 Ivan de Pineda:  Exactly, I always like to take another way to get to certain things, I try not to rationalize that much, not give that kind of handle, try to be more free from certain issues. I hold it like this because, when you travel a lot and do it as a very young, you learn to be attentive, connected and open, to be objective, to be also subjective with certain things and have a balance to be able to appreciate what is in front of you. It's also something different, positive, that has to add up, it's good, that can leave you something, that can help you see another small part of all things because nobody owns anything and we all own everything.


Ivan De Pineda


 Undoubtedly travel around the world and our country generated that feeling for you.  

 Iván de Pineda:  It's true, traveling you learn to see that it is good to observe things that are on the other side, which may seem very dyscolous or very frivolous, but at the same time you can find a lot of valuable people, deep, with formed interests, highly developed opinions that are formed in a scope that allows them to develop a lot of elements on the side. It is very important especially when you are in a place where you may be young when you are in a state of formation, where you also need strong and important anchors. These pass through your family, your friends or also the area where you move, with affections that allow you to maintain the doses and quotas of reality necessary to be objective and not subjective with a lot of things. So you can discern better and then choose according to what you want, because I think that everyone should have the opportunity to choose what he thinks fit for himself without disturbing others, that is, those who are next to us, that seems to me to be something very important.


 You had a strong evolution in the communication industry. Being so open not to close yourself to proposals, how far are you from being able to run a news broadcast or to re-participate in a film of importance with consecrated figures?  

 Iván de Pineda:  I see you're informed, in 2007 I made the film  When she jumped  from director Sabrina Farsi, I worked with Andrea Galante and Lalo Mir, the truth was a very nice experience in that thing of looking for a renovation, but I don't like it. take places that may not correspond to me. I think cinema is a wonderful world, something amazing, but it seems to me that there are much more prepared people who dedicated their whole life passionately to that. While I love it and I'm a cinemphile, why not? I love it, but I don't know if it's my scope. As for driving a news broadcast, I don't see it weird, I love streaming, it's what I like, I'm a very extroverted person and everything that is broadcast I love. Drive one in central time? Why not? You know, movies... why not? But with the number of very talented people there is to do all this kind of thing, I feel like there are a lot of people more prepared, at least I think that in the initial analysis.



Publication Date: 02/03/2021

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