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Intruders in the show: an Argentine TV classic in crisis looking for its new identity

After two successful decades on America TV, the cycle that stayed 20 years on air looks for a renewed profile without its iconic driver.

If “Intruders in the show” were a futuristic science fiction film and the program an emblematic spacecraft, the following analogies could be possible: A) Captain Jorge Rial after a long time traveling decides to leave the ship and escapes in another apparatus at the speed of light, before the mother ship explodes in a hundred thousand pieces with the crew who did not manage to leak transport. B) Captain Jorge Rial leaves the original boat to conquer the television galaxy from another ship, while the other crew continue their flight seeking survival. C) Both ships after a time separated explode by artistic navigation failures. D) The captain warns that his new ship will crash and return to the original transport seeking salvation. The options that appear here deliriously raised in a futuristic context, are in fact in this harsh present the possible derivations of a huge long-standing television conflict.

The twentieth anniversary of “Intruders”, as well as was left of its original title after so long, had as a celebration plan during 2020 a renewed edition with the participations of all the members who historically went through the cycle. After a difficult time of negotiations, production and the animator himself found that celebrating two decades of life on air with ex-invited panelists would be impossible, considering that many of them did not go on good terms during the last years of emissions. Several of them even warned that the experienced driver would use his twitter account to fuse them for the opportunity they had on screen.

Worn by a reality that did not paddle them too much during the summers, increasingly depressed by the crisis and the conflicts outlets of some figures, the coup de grace to the 20th birthday of the program was the arrival of the  pandemic . Far from celebrating having reached so many uninterrupted seasons in the air, the shipment suffered as all programs the circumstance of its staff affected by the disease, while the format became a viewing goalkeeper with all the members appearing on small screens from their homes. To finish off a difficult year, Jorge Rial had to announce in November  the death of Diego Maradona  in real time while the harsh situation was wearing him emotionally.



Many elements made the usual traffic of the last decade of transmissions for its star driver totally uncomfortable. Health problems, couple issues and the explosive controversy that one of her adopted daughters detonated against her stepfather, were firewood that often caused serious mental and professional wear difficult to face for this emblematic driver on America TV screen.

At the end of 2015, but more precisely a year later with the  presidential  election in our nation that converted  Mauricio Macri  as the first Argentine president, Jorge Rial did not hide his desire to tilt his usual farandulero format towards national reality and there to dump his energies with another animation format. Between 2016 and 2019, the driver's editorials made evident their zero empathy with that political administration, suggesting that the cycle could at the same time be renewed from that profile. People who in the last twenty years accompanied “Intruders” did not understand this and the rating guarisms exposed, without the slightest hesitation, a worrying decline in good measurements.

The conflicts that the driver, rightly or not, held with his screen-mates, left to light that the casting that was renewing the panelists year after year, showed a poor level of selection, times where some non-traditional attitude seemed more important in the sexual profile of the summoned or friendship with a famous, rather than the professional contribution they could add to a program drowned by the repetitions and chaturas of an increasingly rusty farandulera brotherhood. The licenses that Jorge Rial decided to take more frequently from his cycle were the luminous signal that anticipated the decision that the animator executed in early February, when he told his colleagues that he was not reinstating the program that consecrated him on television.



In a scene that Federico Fellini had not even placed in a bizarre feature film, Jorge Rial once returned to “Intrudosos” but as a guest. The scene, with fire retardant driver Adrián Pallares on the shiny throne of the mythical evening cycle, served for the legendary driver to step on the side and announce that he will debut in the harsh “prime-time” block. The new format, actually a political magazine with brushstrokes of other informative topics, will be called “TV Nostra”, a name that flirts with the communication category and the old Italian gang slave to her “cosa nostra”.

Showing a measured enthusiasm, not to say very appeased, Jorge Rial quickly began contacts to put together his new team, squad that unusually added as his first confirmed panelist Marina Calabró. The old chimentera who in early 2020 left “Intruders”, hypnotically tempted to conduct another chimentero cycle in El Nueve also in the evening shift, did not prove too much in her role as a host. His stay on the Colegiales channel lasted what a flatto in a basket, crashing insulsely into the media guarrails, when from the new artistic management they decided not to renew his contract and close that flimsy program with panelists coming at least.

While rumored the potential presence of Ricardo Canaletti, a specialist in police issues, the veteran founder of “Intruders” and his production team seek to define the presence of a new panelist, but above all, the operational architecture of the program, which could have a central interview, a report and other referrals. The schedule, controversial point at the beginning of the animator's move, was set for 21 hours on America TV screen and its duration would be around 90 minutes. The premiere, if there were no disadvantages of the last minute, would be in mid-March with great stridency on the screen of the channel, alluding 24 hours to that expected landing.



Parallel to the new program that will compete at night with the games of Guido Kaczka and Beto Casella reviewing the day on “Bendita TV”, all producers of “Intruders in the show” reconfigure in real time, as will be the renewal of the street cycle in the evening zone. Although the experienced animator Horacio Cabak had initially been mentioned to command this cycle, it was finally decided, perhaps for an inevitable cost reason, to put Adrián Pallares together with Rodrigo Lusich exercising a joint driving. Although the couple, in the first issues, does not seem to achieve seductive feeling, looking for people to forget their historic founder and their traditional rating response.

Operational tremors after the departure of the Intruders driver did not stop there, as days later Débora D'Amato was kicked out of his post and the wave of rumors placed Mica Vicciconte about to enter her place. Hours later, the production of the cycle confirmed Paula Varela and Marcela Baños as panelists, joining Evelyn Von Broke as the new addition, pending another addition to give final shape to the team that will defend season 21 of the program, without its animator original.

Jorge Rial's decision not to say goodbye to “Intruders”, stating that he “does not return “to this program, obviously opened a foreseeable question: will 2021 be just a jubilee that excludes the founder by allowing a return at some point? or if things do not happen as they wait for the night, will the determination be to replace the driver on his throne? Almost in tune with this question, will the new drivers agree to return the place to the animator who is now looking for their space at night? Future measurement figures, the empathy that figures achieve in each sector of America TV broadcasting and the final analysis of content directors, will define a complicated screen looking for the guarisms to allow the Fitz Roy street channel to stay with the third put the global television measurement into a very hot and complicated election year.

Rating: 3.00/5.