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How will the shows work after the restrictions of the presidential decree

According to each regional district and its health impact in real time, the mayors of each zone shall establish the operational limits for that activity which, in the event of what happened, is in a state of maximum alert.


If the concern of entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry could be measured on the famous “Richter” scale, obviously when the new presidential decree issued by national network last Wednesday was known, the needle went uncontrolled the 7 points, which in structural terms mean a high gravity seismic picture. Hours before tv channels and different radio stations broadcast the recorded message shortly in advance, a statement that detailed all the details provided by the first Argentine president Alberto Fernández from the back gardens of Quinta de Olivos, the AADET (Argentine Association of Theatrical and Musical Entrepreneurs) warned by a brief notification that “the  theater  and the  music  are safe activities at night and day, and cultural spaces have proved not to be hotspots of contagion.”


This recognized entity, understanding that the new directives given from the presidential orbit pointed to an almost total cessation of activity, quickly came out with the tip stoppers, suggesting that “theater and live music are developed in a responsible, extremely careful way, complying very strictly with the full range of protocols implemented in all provinces.” In this sense, this famous entity representing entrepreneurs in the sector said in its powerful message that “cultural spaces proved not to be foci of contagion, they are an example in terms of care both within the artistic community and with its assistants.”


On the new time constraints, mainly those of national context that appeared when the Argentine president appeared in front of the robotic chamber that conveyed the message, the AADET was forceful, indicating that “limiting at 22:00 hours our activity is synonymous with immediate cancellation of works and concerts on the poster, due to the impossibility of rescheduling them, the immediate termination of employment contracts and all those proposals for cultural access and the end of many cultural SMEs”, a position that set a position before the foreseeable termination that would be announced hours later. All the time restrictions were the focus of the criticism of this business group, a structure that pointed out that “we are surprised by the current information about possible

time restrictions that could include the protocolized cultural sector, a sector that in the last five months ran smoothly with thousands of witnesses to ratify it.

Theatre plays


The AADET commented that “shows are developed in a restricted way with gauges

reduced up to 50% of the capacity of each room. We have made many investments with a large cost for the improvements of the spaces, guaranteeing 100% natural ventilation, sites to which specially installed F7 filters were placed, without forgetting the commented physical distance between seats and the use of barbijos at all times. Theatre and live music currently generate several thousand jobs within the artistic community, a sector seriously affected during these 13 months where activity decreased by 80% in theaters and 95% in relation to musical events.” This group finally remarked that “it is imperative to note that the degree of security in which theatre and concert functions are performed is based on the measures implemented, not on time restrictions. The mere mention of them, without having considered their damage, leads them on the way to their irrecoverable debacle. Theatre and music comply with protocols, guarantee all care and enable the preservation and continuity of our country's cultural fabric.”


The government determination known after the brief speech of President Alberto Fernández, placed the limitations mostly on the subject of the schedule, an aspect that the show industry harshly criticized when this determination was known The reaction of the producers of theater and recitals was coincidental, indicating that the new determinations will lead to a new wave of closures, layoffs and suppression of usual labor sources. Known the distancing about how to deal with the pandemic and what mechanisms should be to recover something from the “old normal”, the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires took distance from the presidential message, waiting to analyze what aspects would be found coinciding with the national provision and on which points would mark the differences with what was expressed by the first national representative.


Although the Buenos Aires government agreed on the traffic ban imposed between 0 and 6 in the morning, the format on how to apply the closures prior to that time partially modified the mood of entrepreneurs in the sector at least in CABA, following the mechanism that will govern most of the the commercial places. With a closure established in the Federal Capital at 23, cinemas and theaters must modify the turn of those functions in the prime-time strip that appeared until last week around 21:30 or 22, anticipating the start of the show so that it ends at 23 hours or a few minutes later. Therefore, the large film complexes will no longer be able to offer functions after 22 hours, let alone in the well-known overnight strip, a point with which this part of the industry was very disgusted, arguing that these functions (22 or 1 am) are the most attendance by the interested, which will cause more losses within the distressing picture that cinemas are facing today, structure that inside operated with a 50 percent capacity and that according to the new determinations would now work until 20 hours, as remarked in the speech of Governor Axel Kicilof arguing that after 20 hours there will be no such activities. .




 Musical activity  shall be limited or directly null, especially in the district or region in which it is scheduled. In the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, recitals must end before 23 hours to allow deconcentration and return of people involved in that activity, events that before what happened will start around 20:00 or 20:30 hours. Outdoor shows, that is what appears in the new decree as “mass events”, must be rescheduled without a definitive date, since, having a higher percentage of capacity due to their dimensions, they constitute by saying this new regulation as potential sources of mass contagion. As for the performance of  musical shows  in theatres, they will be with 30 percent capacity and respecting the new hours of known activity.


The situation in the interior of the country is definitely the antithesis of all this mentioned

in this report. Governors and mayors of each national region, covered by the new regulations, may prevent the realization of shows in localities that are in PHASE 3 of the ASPO, but those areas where DISPO works effectively, there will be a chance to authorize certain concerts in theatres that work with obvious operating capacity of 30 percent. In the province of Buenos Aires, each region will define how it will react to these newly implemented regulations, which opens up a range of very controversial issues for now. In San Isidro, for example, which is not in Phase 3 of the ASPO, until now the concert of the singer Marcela Morelo is still confirmed for the 17th, but in quite a few districts where the quartermaster responds politically to the national sign, it is clear that the activity will be cancelled.


In La Plata everything is canceled and artists who have to play in places like Córdoba and Rosario, probably have to reschedule the existing dates, because in many of the provinces that had growth in contagions, public activity is canceled without half inks. The musicians and entrepreneurs are worried because they do not know when this range of restrictions will end, stop that they hit them fully after several months they were able to work with enormous limitations. With the passage of weeks and the evolution of the health issue, it will only be possible to estimate a much clearer projection on how all artistic activities will evolve, which now enter into greater limitations or that were directly suspended until further notice due to the presence of the pandemic.

Publication Date: 10/04/2021

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