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Graciela Alfano in love?

Again Graciela Alfano shouts her love to the four winds. Or from balcony to balcony, to be more precise. Find out how ingenious way they conquered it.

Once again, Graciela Alfano seems to have  found love . This time, in an unsuspected and even  novelesque way.

Every day, Graciela goes out on the  balcony  of her apartment to be distracted for a while. Like so many Argentines, in times of  mandatory quarantine . And in the best  Romeo and Juliet style, it seems that a neighbor began the courtship stage. She responded to the gentleman's intentions and they started a relationship. Yes. From balcony to balcony.  Alfano seems to have fallen in love again . Far were those days of turbulent romance with Matías Alé.

A creative

She has always been a  creative woman and admirer of creativity . That's why we're not surprised by the ingenious medium by which you met the new gentleman. That he is conquering his heart with pure elegance.

Owner of a great imagination, this time she has been overcome. And he managed to find a way to affectively bond  nothing common . Of course, it is sure to quickly become a source of inspiration for thousands of citizens.

Graciela Alfano is more beautiful than ever and is very good that I know another chance in love.

Rating: 0/5.