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Getting to know the north at home and from the humor

The quarantine led many comedians to do free shows on the Internet. This is a good way to get to know the north at home.

Gordillo en casa

Known as “Official Gordillo”,  Miguel Martín  has been making laugh for years in a very particular way: he tells his stories and experiences of his life and childhood in the interior of the country. they happen to many, it is a humor that, beyond producing laughter, paints the colorful landscape of Argentine customs. An ideal plan to get to know the north at home and as a family during these days of  compulsory social isolation .

It is known that travel will be postponed for a while, but it will pass and Argentines will be able to continue to get to know our vast country, while we must take advantage of the tools we have at hand.  Cordoba , for example, launched an interactive guide to get to know its cutest places.

In addition to those guides, which many  museums  have already launched, there are many other options to get to know a place. And, in these times, if it is with a laugh (which becomes necessary), better. That, precisely that, is what Miguel Martín, who did his season in Carlos Paz, understood and decided to do. He opted for a  live broadcast  for his audience. Video that he recorded himself and uploaded it to his YouTube channel to keep it available. By clicking here you can see it and share it with family and friends, the ideal plan to get to know a little more about the essence of northern Argentina.

These initiatives are excellent and more and more artists are adding to share from their networks their art which, is well known, in these times is highly valued.

If you liked the video, you can continue to watch content and full shows of Miguel Martín on his  Youtube channel .

Publication Date: 11/04/2020

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