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Erica Rivas will no longer be Maria Helena

It is known that Erica Rivas is not going to lend the body to her character “Married to Children” anymore. But find out what's going to happen to Maria Helena.

It became known these days that the great actress  Erica Rivas  will no longer play  Maria Helena Fuseneco  . Neither in the theatrical version they expect to release in summer 2021 in  Mar Del Plata , nor ever again.

There are many goings and turns in the versions of why the cast is lost to an actress of such caliber. In  a character of such voltage for the public . First it was said that she had other commitments made. The typical one. Then, that Erica Rivas did not agree to do three functions per day. Producer  Gustavo Yankevich said it himself. Two versions denied by the actress. Who argued not only that she was kicked out, but also did it by Whatsapp.

What is the real reason?  Nobody but the protagonists know . Now, of course, versions begin to appear. They all incline the scale to which the production was detached from the actress. That he didn't want to record a radio promotion commercial. He always had  problems with the script . And it looks like this would be the right one. There is a lapidary phrase about the script of the play, in particular, that Erica Rivas entrusted to the rest of the cast. The question is who made her get to production, right?  William Francella ...  Florence Peña ...  Marcelo De Belis ...  Luisana Lopilato  or her brother Dario  ... Who are you betting on?

The only thing that seems true is that Yankevich will not replace Rivas in the role. I mean,  Maria Helena is not going to be directly. With the departure of the neighbor of Los Argento comes a mandatory script change. Will it be that they will take advantage to raise the level of humor..?

Rating: 0/5.