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Did “El Pocho” Lavezzi cardeo?

Looks like Mauro Icardi got a copycat: “EL pocho” Lavezzi. Do we have to change the term “icardiator”?

“El pocho” Lavezzi is as a boyfriend with a friend's ex.

Like this. I'm telling you without  anesthesia  . Yanina Screpante told it, and she said that they even went on vacation together once.

It seems that  “El pocho” Lavezzi is very lucky and not only with women . It turns out that the big football player retired in December. And he devoted himself to rest and walk. Life and the pandemic found him in  Saint Barth . Caribbean. Paradise. What a condemnation! Poor “Pocho”! Over there, she met Natalia Borges. Brazilian. Actress.

“The pcoho” Lavezzi does not come out of the category beautiful models, it seems. Well, the thing is, Natalia was the girlfriend of Lorenzo Tonetti, who has a restaurant in Milan. And  Yanina turned on the fan . He said they had already been intimated when Natalia and Lorenzo were a couple. She seems to be angry with “El pocho”, as she remembered that the footballer had also dated Nacho Viale's ex Lucia Pedrazza.

In Yanina's eyes, “El pocho” Lavezzi is quite a  carder ... And if it's true what counts, the affaire between  Icardi ,  Wanda Nara and Maxi López is a nothing next to this. Do we have to change “jardiada” to “lavezzada”?

Rating: 4.00/5.