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Dustin Luke, good argento!

The Yankee youtuber, who lives in Argentina, speaks of his love for this country and its people.


Do you know Dustin Luke? He is the most famous American youtuber in Argentina. And not just that. Besides, he lives among us. He fell in love with this country and its people during a trip in 2006 and a year later decided to settle here. Between back and forth, the project was realized in 2015. Since then he has traveled the streets of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano as the son of any neighbor. His charismatic personality, developed and above all observer served him to capture the Argentine essence and copy it perfectly. In each report, it stands out to feel “good argento”. He even got a book of the same name, by Editorial Atlántida.

On social networks it's a crack. On his Instagram account alone, Dustin has about 350,000 followers. And the figure is almost double in his youtube account, with 640 thousand subscribers.

On this occasion he spoke with in the interview cycle “Matteando con amigos” and answered “The questionnaire argento”. Good argento! We share it with you.

Publication Date: 04/09/2020

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