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Do you remember Paolo, the Rocker?

Paolo, the Rocker was an iconic TV character. We tell you his story and the story of Jorge Montejo, the man behind the actor.


In the 1980s and 1990s, he went through different television programs. If you grew up in those years, there's no way you won't remember.  Paolo, the Rocker  was a unique character who left his mark wherever it happened. His contracara, the person who gave him life, was  Jorge Montejo . While Paolo was shining in the sets, Jorge was waging a personal battle.

Originally from the city of  Tandil  (Buenos Aires), Jorge Montejo's artistic beginning was not easy. Until it gave life to Paolo and, from then on, everything changed. His wig, his headband and his ragged look became Paolo's trademark. He was a crazy  hippie  and full of unforgettable crutches: “Uhh... crazy!”,  “Do you understand, man?” , “That's so bad!”, “He killed the wave, you fool!”, “What are you doing, person!”.

Montejo chose the character's first name: for him, he had  Paolo 's face, there was no other left. The specific “ the Rocker ”, on the other hand, was the idea of Juan Alberto Badía . He said the hippies were going to go extinct, but the rockers weren't. His first public appearance was in 1986. And since then, it began to be everywhere.

He started in the cycle  Badía & Cía  and then joined  Feliz Domingo  . Eventually, he was also in  De carne somos, El fatso y el skinny, Always Saturday, Palermo Hollywood  and  Danger uncoded  . He also participated in films:  The craziest Bañeros in the World  (1987)  , The Killer at the Terror Mansion  (1987) and  Extermineitors IV: as twin brothers  (1992).

In the contracara, the darkness

Unfortunately, while Paolo triumphed,  Jorge did not have such a good time . His  drug addiction became uncontrollable and ended up keeping him away from the media. He spent three months in a neuropsychiatric hospital in Buenos Aires. But he was able to go out with the help of his family and friends.  He returned to  Tandil  , where he lives a quiet life. There he performs commercials for businesses, private shows and continues to be active with his characters on social networks.

Paolo, the Rocker will live forever in the memory of an entire  generation . Jorge Montejo, fortunately, will continue to offer his art and make him laugh, something so necessary in these times.

Publication Date: 01/08/2020

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