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Argentine cinema, so you don't keep missing what you already missed.

There is very good Argentine cinema, without a doubt. And I don't say it, the film culture of the world says.

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There are very good  Argentinian cinema , without a doubt, I do not say so, the cinema culture of the world and its awards; so do the thousands of tickets sold here and abroad, the large number of actors, producers and directors that our industry gave, and all the titles, hundreds, that if you look at them today you will notice are still in force.

There are no excuses to miss them, many (but many) titles can be found on CINE.AR the video platform on demand for Argentine audiovisual contents.An initiative of the INCAA that has a television channel that broadcasts national content 24 hours and also has the platform already mentioned. The only thing you have to do is register and look for what you would like to look at. Because the channel has its programming, but in the digital world you can choose at ease and whenever you want,  from the comfort of your living room.You have free options and premieres that can rent for a small fee.

Great artists contributed their performances to turn our cinema into one of the best in the balloon.Renowned actors such as Nini Marshall, Leonardo Favio, Libertad Lamarque, Leopoldo Torre Nilson, Isabel “Coca” Sarli and Armando Bo (like naming one without naming the other), Ricardo Darin and Maria Luisa Bemberg, do you want to see the most important in the world. aacute; s names? the list is endless.

Great storytellers, original stories and also many that go through the past of our country, great comedies and also the opportunity to review some of those films we saw as boys in the cinema and we would like to revive them again.

I took the liberty of recommending some titles, as a fan, are not necessarily the best, but they are of great representative value to understand a little what was and what our cinema was like:

  • “ Same Love, Same Rain” (1999). The first commercial film by Juan Jose Campanella, with Ricardo Darin and Soledad Villamil (the protagonist duo who chooses again for “El Secreto de sus ejos”), with all the ingredients of Campanella cinema: romance, touches of humor, characters committed to their values and lots of Argentinity.
  • “ The Rebel  Patagonia  ” (1974). Great story and narrative that tells the events that happened in 1921 in the province of Santa Cruz, where wool workers suffered a major repression. Based on a book by Osvaldo Bayer, with Federico Luppi, Hector Alterio, Pepe Soriano and Luis Brandoni, a luxury.
  • “ Nights without Moons or Suns” (1984). From the master Jose Martinez Suarez.Based on the book of the same name by Ruben Tizziani, a policeman well argento and would even encourage me to say good Buenos Aires, with all the ingredients of the genre. Starring Alberto de Mendoza in the role of a criminal who manages to escape from a court. They complete the cast Lautaro Murua, Luisina Brando and Arturo Maly.
  • “ It's not you, it's me” (2004). Remarkable romantic comedy by Juan Taratuto, who started without a big campaign in theaters and then got, thanks to the DVD, into every house until reaching Spain very successfully. Great cast, with Cecilia Dopazo, Soledad Villamil, Diego Peretti (on a great level) and Marcos Mundstock composing the therapist of the disheartened protagonist.
  • “ Surgeons do their hand” (1980). Jorge Porcel, Alberto Olmedo,  Susana Gimenez  and Moria Casan, directed by Hugo Sofovich.A typical eighties comedy of entanglements with all the picardy of the time. We meet Olmedo and Porcel, who pretend to be surgeons to conquer two young doctors. I recommend it for those who are over 40, they will have a good time, and if you have less you are going to discover two gigantic comedians and two great television stars who were sometimes also young and good comedians.

Publication Date: 19/04/2018

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