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Christian Sancho participated in “Mateando con Amigos”

Among laughter and anecdotes, the Argentine actor and model submitted himself to “El Questionnaire Argento”. The answers, must-see!


 Christian Sancho , 45 years old, rosarino. She started as a model in her hometown, where she also took her first steps in the theater. Fame came to him when he moved to Buenos Aires. In the fashion world, it was the image of the most famous local and international brands. In the acting world, he breaks it. He was part of television  hits  such as:  Los buscas de siempre, Mujeres de nadie, Botineras, Dulce amor, Mi hermano es un clone . In cinema and in theater, of so many others.

Recently arrived from Europe, after the premiere of the film   Un crack  , which she stars, Sancho chatted with Serargentino.com. He spoke about quarantine, new paradigms, his view of the world and answered  “The Argento Questionnaire” . Don't miss it!

Publication Date: 03/08/2020

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