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Celebrities who charge for a virtual greeting

This is a new work modality to which several figures of the Argentine show have already joined. I know who.

In show business, as in other areas, this year's big  challenge  is to reinvent itself. The pandemic imposed changes in habits and ways of relating. Isolation overthrew all mass and face-to-face activity, and within these, there were the sources of income of many famous Argentine media. Those who traveled the Argentine routes, bowling in bowling, during the weekends to do “acts of presence” and for which they billed a certain amount of money.

The reality has changed in recent months and with it the search and the need to work of artists put at the center of the scene the “ virtual presences ”, somewhat paradogical the phrase, because the “presence” refers to an act that is performed in person and virtuality, quite the opposite...

 Streaming  platforms are the great ally of the moment. Through them, the show companies rearm themselves and offer musical works, singles,  theatre  and so on, becoming the  new work stage  and a new source of income.

Will you send me a greeting?

 Sending a greeting  by  cell phone  is for the new generations what for older people was asking for an autograph. Today life passes through a screen, so no longer writing and saved papelitos; and welcome the “videos” with personalized greetings. Not for free anymore, of course. Now it's charged for it. In response to this trend, which was sharpened in times of social  isolation  ,  Celebel emerged, the national website that offers recorded greetings of celebrities via Zoom  for birthdays or special virtual events. A surprise for the honoree.

The list to offer their services are:  El Dipy, Fredy Villarreal, Vicky Xipolitakis, Alexander and  Charlotte Caniggia ,  Haníbal Pachano, Reech Reech, Polaco, Gladysthe BombaTucumana  , Militta Bora, Daniel Aráoz, Majo Martino, Sofia Clérici, Ariel Pucheta and Mariano de la Canal , among others.

How it works

The system allows you to hire the services of celebrities in a few steps. The app is entered, a payment is made via electronic means and the order is sent. The platform sends the artist an email with the instructions of the requested greeting or service and then the artist sends the recording of his greeting to be forwarded, or agrees a schedule to enter a Live Zoom .

The flat rate of the basic greeting or birthday message recorded and sent is worth approximately 4000 pesos. To enter a Zoom with a specified and specific time it is worth 8000 pesos. And after the first month and a half, each famous will decide the amount of their message, greeting or live participation in a Zoom.

Have you thought about who to hire?

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