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Beatriz Salomón: an icon of the Argentine show

Learn more about the life of Beatriz Salomón, a verdaero icon in the history of Argentine television, theater and cinema.


We all know Beatrice Solomon, it's one of those sex bombs that proliferated so much on the screen. when society was different and content was broadcast that would be unthinkable today. Died a few months ago, from here. we would like to pay a well-deserved tribute tohim.

Born in the province of San Juan in 1953, her middle name was Raquel. A descendant of a family of Syrians, she was the eldest of four siblings. Before entering the artistic world (the first door opened to him was, like many others, advertising), he worked as an administrative officer at the Agrario Bank in the province of San Juan. In 1971 she received her first codeo with fame: winner of the Miss San Juan contest, she competed as a pre-candidate for Miss Universe, winning the prize for sympathy. In 1974, after unravaged for her beauty at the National Sun Festival, she began to star in more television commercials until one day she was seen by who would change her life: Alberto Olmedo.

Beatriz Salomón, one of the “Olmedo girls”

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yes. we think of the “Olmedo Girls”, an inevitable name is Beatriz Salomón (as well as Susana Romero, Silvia Pérez, Divina Gloria and Adriana Brodsky). Later of Olmedo's death, Beatriz continued her successful career not only in television but also in film and theatre. Not There must be a comedian from the 80's or 90's he hasn't worked with. In addition, it had a bearing that did not let it go unnoticed: three times it was the cover of Playboy magazine.

In December 2015, when she learned of the death of her friend Juanito Montalvo, she suffered a mental decompensation from which those who knew her said she could not recover. On June 15, 2019, after a long fight against colon cancer, he died in the city of Buenos Aires. May he rest in peace.

Publication Date: 18/11/2019

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