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Ariel Blasco: “Managing theater is like making a film, but cheaper”

Director, actor and screenwriter of theater and for multiple platforms. The outstanding director of Mendoza Ariel Blasco talked about everything. We told you.


Ariel Blasco is 36 years old and had his first contact with fiction in high school, actively participating in theater workshops. He later studied at the  Cuyo Regional School of Film   and Video  , where he made his first weapons: “When you enter film school, you contact people who want to do the same as you. Filming and doing things. With the same concerns. We started to make short films, to film.”

The experience helped him understand the resemblance of something that many believe are different things: “At one point I realized that  theater  and  cinema  did not are so different languages. Directing a play is like making a film, but  cheaper .”

The director highlights a substantial difference that divides both branches: “In the theater you see what people are receiving, because you see faces, gestures. On the other hand, in series it is complicated. Except comments or  likes  on Youtube, but it's not the same. Anyway, I like my works to be on  any kind of platform .”

Blasco has performed, in different roles, series, plays, shorts, advertising and other formats. Among them are the   Masterclas series and the   works  Small Circles  and   Reflections   . “I go and go between audiovisual and theater,” says Ariel Blasco.

  Reflexes  and his 7 seasons 

The play is presenting the seventh season during this year. “It is an independent work in every way. He has the dramaturgy of Matías Felman, who premiered it in 2009 in  Buenos Aires . And it deals with different topics. It focuses on everything that happens in a workplace, but that exceeds the tasks of work.  Love , heartbreak, jealousy, grudges.”

Scenography is a special theme in the work, and Blasco comments: “Reflections are done in an  unconventional space . It is presented in a room which is basically an office. The spectators are placed on pallets placed exclusively for the play. Because it is different for people to enter a theater to pretend that it is an office, than for them to enter directly into an office.”

The play has toured  Salta ,  Jujuy ,  La Rioja  and  San Luis  . “In other provinces we have tried to get spaces like  libraries , houses, pretending to be an office without too much scenery,” he says. While he had a perfect baptism in his debut,  winning  the 2013 Provincial Theatre Festival.

The original synopsis of the work speaks of a company, a vacant position, two strong candidates and a decision to make. There is pressure to do the right thing. But what is the right thing to do?Who says what's right? It's all a lot more complicated than we think: there's work, the  couple , the family, the intimacy. And when we least expect it, the catastrophe becomes.

Publication Date: 14/10/2019

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