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An Argentinian married to Di Caprio?

Camila Morrone, top model argentina, is a girlfriend with Leo Di Caprio a while ago. Looks like they're getting married. Find out why reading the note.

Argentina's  Camila Morrone  (22) moved with her parents to Los Angeles as a chiquita. He grew up and became the girlfriend of Hollywood megastar Leo Di Caprio (45).

 Her greatest merit as a woman is not exactly that . Although it may be the cause of envy of many. The girl is a top model of the top. He usually works for the best fashion magazines. Madera is not missing: she is the daughter of the renowned  Argentine model   Lucila Polak . Maybe you have more for being  Al Pacino 's girlfriend, since she left the country a long time ago. Lucila was a great influence in Camila's beginnings.

And the great Al, sure gave him a hand to start the second passion of the still lady:  acting . His nascent career already shows a couple of achievements. He worked with  James Franco  in “Bukowski” and  Bruce Willis  in “Death wish”. Pavada at the beginning.

Are they getting married “in a hurry”?

As the comadres in town said,  it looks like Camila and Leo are waiting for family . And that the marriage would be soon. As reported by various  United States media. Will we have another Argentine married to a famous international? It'll be enough to wait a while to find out. I'm sure until the  coronavirus pandemic passes, there will be no celebration, at least.

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