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Amelia Bence: 101 years of art

Amelia Bence, the woman with the most beautiful eyes in the world, was one of the most important actresses in our country. We remember her on her birthday.


 Amelia Bence  had “the cutest eyes in the world.” But I had a lot more than that. He had talent, charisma and an inexhaustible love for his profession, to which he dedicated his life until the last years.

Her real name was Maria Batvinik and was born in  Buenos Aires  on November 13,  1914 . She was one of the most outstanding  actresses  in our country, and she also triumphed in  Mexico  and   Spain   . Her career began when she was very young: her theatrical debut was at the age of 5, directed by no more and no less than   Alfonsina Storni  . He made his film debut in one of the first Argentine sound films,  Dancing  (1933), by Luis Moglia Barth.

He was part of the so-called  “golden era” of Argentine cinema  and participated in some of the most important films in our history:  La vuelta al nido  (1938),   La guerra gaucha   (1942),  A cold blood  (1946),  Alfonsina  (1957) and  La cicarra is not a bug  (1963), among others. It was directed by Daniel Tinayre and Luis Saslavsky, and won the Best Actress Award from the Association of Cinematographic Chroniclers and the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Argentina on multiple occasions in the 1940s and 1950s.

During the 1960s, he toured  Latin America  and came to perform in the   United States   . There, in 1972, she won an ACE Award for Best Foreign Actress of the Year for the play  La Valija . In the 80s, he made only a few appearances on television, while receiving several national and international distinctions for his career.

 Inexhaustible Amelia 

 Amelia Bence  's energy seemed to have no end: for her it was impossible to stop acting. At the age of 82, she began the presentations of the work  Alfonsina, el mar y yo , which was suspended after a health problem in 2010, when she was 96 years old.

In  1943 , Amelia Bence starred in  The Most Beautiful Eyes in the World , and that title became her perfect description. In 2016, those eyes closed for the last time. It was  101 years  during which he gave his audience an innumerable amount of magical moments.

Publication Date: 13/11/2019

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