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A poet of humor

Juan Carlos Mesa was a multifaceted artist. On the anniversary of his birth, we tell you about his story. Did you know he wrote poetry too?


 On May 15  , the one who would become an icon of humor was born.  Diego Isidro Mesa,  better known as  Juan Carlos “El Gordo” Mesa,  would represent all the people of Cordoba in show business. Screenwriter, actor, writer, comedian,  film and television director  , among a thousand other items in which “El Gordo” Table felt  like fish in the water. 

 Creativity  quickly led him to  public recognition  and become famous for his skills. Above all, for his humor and sympathy. This  Cordoba  that won in show business not only left us  indelible memories , key episodes of our identity, but also left us a very difficult void of fill. The famous phrase  “There is no village without  poetry . No poetry without a village! “ is part of a poem of his authorship. This poem was dedicated  to the village of El Pretal.  And, in these verses, “El Gordo” would give a glimpse  of his friendly and nostalgic personality. 

 There is no people without poetry 

 , no poetry without people! 

 It is written in the corners 

 so that there are no secrets 

 between the poet and the fountain 

 where his verses are inspired. 

 And there is no town without friends 

 and no homeless  friends  . 

 So they have shelter. 

 The outsiders. 

A humorous phenomenon

But, in addition to being an occasional but exceptional poet, he was part of programs that are now consolidated as  emblems of       ArgentineTV . Among the successes in which he participated, are  Mesa de noticias , which would give a foot to the name of this character's autobiography.   Mesamorphosis. Memoirs of a humor craftsman   was published in 2015. The author's intention was to establish his career.

 This  humorous phenomenon   that was “El Gordo” Mesa revolutionized Argentina . The fat and the skinny  and  Primicias  are other famous series in which he was shown. Among many others. Obviously, this talent shared cast with  great Argentine personalities.  Among them were Pepe Biondi, Carlos Balá and  Alberto Olmedo.  Cris Morena, Carlos Garaycochea and Jorge Basurto were close to him and his productions.

His infinite imagination led him to wander through all disciplines. In the artistic field he went through   tango composition , writing speeches, acting and writing scripts.  Next to him, we walk, getting the best humorous episodes. When we see him, we travel in his grotesque style. Juan Carlos appealed to the cartoonism and generated misunderstandings to make us  explode with  laughter .  His humor was characterized by  puns and exaggeration  . With a background of intellectual criticism, which did not neglect the  social and transformative factor that humor has in communities.  

 A talent with a Cordoban label 

 “ When asked 'what he felt when he came from Cordoba, 'I always say that I did not leave Cordoba, but that Cordoba came with me: it is the  hallmark  of my work, it is in this book that is like an alfajor, plus two tapas has inside the sweet of my youth. For me, Cordoba represents many things: my songs, my verses, my origins, my friends,”  Juan Carlos Mesa would say to the media once.

With their departure,  on August 2, 2016,  Cordoba and the whole country would become a  “village without poetry”.  Because a little bit of our poetry would go next to the great Juan Carlos Mesa.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 15/05/2020

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