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Smoking: a verb with more than one sense

What does it mean when we say “smoke” someone? We tell you this second meaning of the verb “smoking”.
How we talk
Fumar: un verbo con más de un sentido
| 11 September, 2019 |

In Argentina we don’t all smoke… Cigarettes. But, apparently, we all smoke some person, thing or situation every now and then. Or isn’t it? In our always original repertoire of words, smoking has a different meaning than the literal one. It means “endure” or “endure” something or someone annoying or tedious.

So if someone says out there that “you don’t smoke” a certain person or that you “smoked” two hours in line to buy a ticket, it means that you had to deal with an unwanted, but necessary situation. But, if you not only smoked it, but smoked it “in a pipe”, the circumstances are aggravated. Smoking in a pipe requires even more patience, more tolerance.

We Argentines are well trained to smoke things we don’t want, and that’s how we’ve been surviving a long time ago.

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