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She doesn’t want anymore Lola.

What is the origin of the phrases we use every day? In this installment: “No more Lola” and “Sure they
How we talk
Cuál es el origen de las frases que usamos todos los días
| 16 October, 2019 |

Before I started writing these columns I knew that the origin of everyday expressions is a topic I love. But now, after reading and reading and reading, I can say that it is a subject that I am passionate about. It is impressive how much we can learn from investigating the variations that our language has over time, its mutations, its subtleties (for example, that “Lola” was not a person). Am I a nerd? It may be! Welcome to the world of diachronic linguistics!

If you want to access the previous deliveries you can do it here, here and Here. And if they want to contribute their own, the comments are open to everyone. Now, the new ones.

He doesn’t want any more. Lola

Lola was a “natural” cookie, which was considered to be very healthy. That’s why he integrated the diet of any hospital in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By that, when someone was about to die (or, even, there was already deceased), among doctors and nurses said “the one in bed 20 did not wants more Lola.” Today it is used for those who are not more interested in a situation or who does not want to insist on an unattainable enterprise.

I’m sure you He was taken prisoner

. They

didn’t see it coming… In Andalusia, Spain there was a very famous prison that functioned in the which had been a castle: the Castillo de Segura de la Sierra. Then, among Andalusians, it was very common to say “Segura was taken prisoner” when they taught their children not to steal or lie. The Andalusians who emigrated to our country continued to use the phrase, but since in our lands the reference was lost, over time “Segura” became “safe” and went from meaning a specific geographical space to become a way of saying that there is never anything insured.

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