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Running to live

This is the case of a family whose mother understood that running allows her to improve her life. He put
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| 04 February, 2020 |

Sometimes sport is the best remedy to cure some vices. In the Uco Valley there is a family that thus understood life, and has physical activity as its main reason for existence. Maria del Valle Arenas began to run to give up the bad habit of smoking, accompanied by her husband, Ernesto Haurie. And, as from such a stick such a splinter, Martina and Agustina, their little daughters of 9 and 7, are also inveterate sportsmen.

Ernesto is champion of the first Miramar Ironman developed last year, as well as winning triathlons and marathons. Maria has several brands in Amavet, duathlon podiums, a 13er placed in the overall 42 kilometers of the MIM (International Marathon of Mendoza) and was the only mendocina to win the of the Half de Los Andes 2018.

It all started.

In 2014, Maria started running at the insistence of her husband, who is a physical education teacher, to quit smoking. Great, with little training, reach the 10 kilometers of travel. One more year later joined Ernesto and set up the Uco Team, a running group that was by adding people. Maria, motivated by all this, trained harder and managed to compete and run in the 42 kilometers of the Mendoza International Marathon, with 3 hours and 29 minutes of running time.

Maria is, in addition to runner, mother of two daughters and veterinarian. But, among so many things to do, never escapes him to run to improve his health and clear his mind.

“ In the mornings I get up, we have breakfast together and we start the day. In the morning I go to the vet and sometimes the girls go with me, others stay with the babysitter or my mom. At noon I go out, we have lunch, to sometimes I take them to school myself and sometimes my husband, but from 14 (until 17), already with my shoes on, I start running or swimming, depending on the day he touches me. Always on the nap so as not to take days away from the babes,” entrusted Maria, who assured that she also prioritizes his 7 hours of sleep.

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