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Running: muscle aches

Do you know when you have to stop? You need to start analyzing the pains to determine if it's time to take some time.

Pains after doing a strong or prolonged activity are normal. It's not uncommon if, after an intense day of  running , it's hard to go down stairs or get out of bed.

You need to start analyzing the discomfort to determine if you can continue your  training  or it's time to take time. Muscle pains are normal, muscle tissue was subjected to exercise stress and you have to relax. Sometimes it's a good sign that your body is adapting and getting stronger. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Can I keep running or do I have to wait for it to happen?”. To answer we will consider three types of pain moments.

Pain while you're running

Sometimes you only experience a nuisance when you're still exercising. It may be due to the biomechanical movement that pushes the body down and the impact that bounces on the muscles. These secrete chemical activators that trigger pain nerve fibers. It is completely normal and an easy way to solve it, or reduce it, is by using good footwear that decreases the impact. Shoes with good cushioning and are not deformed by use are necessary. Another option is to change the training ground and try with softer surfaces. For example, if you usually train on cement, try to run on land for a while. If this is not enough, you will have to lower the intensity, decrease mileage or interspersed with moments of walking.

Pain after training

It is also known as muscle fever and can increase between 24 and 48 hours. Sometimes it takes five days to disappear completely. It happens because you have exercised more than the muscles are used to. It usually feels after short series, competitions or some out-of-the-usual training. Do not worry, the cells will be repaired and strengthened. You can keep running with soft intensity. If you don't get better every week, it's time to go to the kinesiologist.

Pain over the years

While over time the muscles get used to the activity and become less injured, over the years the body is more likely to feel pains. The number of cells decreases as a symptom of aging, there is less amount to repair damaged areas after exercise. Over the years it is essential to start to rest more because biological recovery periods are not the same. This does not mean that you can not give the maximum in a race, simply that the subsequent rest is paramount.

Enjoy your favorite activity, but while still taking care of and listening to your body!

Source: Montagne Blog

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